We’re Live

By August 5, 2018Blog

1.13 has been released, and play.dmzcraft.com now loads into the 1.13 world. Plugins are slowly coming along, so this is a limited world. When you load in to spawn, there will be a few survival items. Please take a bed – remember, use the bed to set a home.

Everyone will start with a clean slate. This is the official map, so everything you build from here on out remains. For those of you that were grinding and saving up with the expectation of transporting your items to 1.13, there will be an option for you coming in a month or so. Stay tuned.

Keep an eye out for all new Legendary items, which are now only obtainable by exploring loot chests across the map. You will also notice DMZdots in loot chests and rarely in mob drops – this is our new currency. You might want to save those.

Keep an eye out here as well as in game with the command /updates for any changes.

Coming soon:
DMZ Spawn and Warps Hub
DMZ Plaza (Shops)

Coming later:
– Quests
– Games World