Vanillaport & 1.8

By March 4, 2014Announcements, Blog

First, we don’t know when 1.8 is due to hit and we don’t think it’s going to be right away, BUT, we are getting ready anyway. The current plan is to update as soon as it happens, and go vanilla. This means doing without our lovely plugins, yes, but we suspect it might take a good bit of time for them to update. To give you an example, Spigot hasn’t even released an official 1.7.x build yet, we’re still on the development version!

To ease the discomfort of “rouging it” in vanilla Minecraft, we’re currently preparing a command-block based warp hub, out near the edge of the current map. It’ll have warps to all the active warps we have now (in the Survival world, anyway), and a nice head shop in port to welcome you. Each destination will have a warp going back to the hub, so you should be able to zip around pretty quickly.

You can choose from these pre-designed “back to the hub” portals, or make one yourself. Feel free to ask for portals to builds that you are actively working on, or anything you find convenient. We’ll have some quick biome warps, and of course the random teleporter will have a fresh set of numbers to pick your random destination from! Here are some of the pre-designed portals, for your viewing pleasure: