We will (of course) be Vanilla for the duration of the snapshot, and for what we predict will be a good chunk of time after that. They’ve rewritten some really major parts of Minecraft (again) this time, and the plugin devs can’t even get started until they’ve deobfuscated Mojang’s code … it’s complicated. The point is, we are going to be vanilla for quite some time, and we’re working to re-create some of the things plugins do.

What we have:

  • Working XP Bank (thanks to LCO99). From Vanillaport, take the portal under the slime block canopy to the Community Spawn, where you can deposit levels and withdraw them later. An enchanting table and anvils are provided for convenience.
  • Working Economy (in progress). Whenever you kill a mob (friendly or otherwise), you get a point. You’ll see that score up in the Tab list. You can find the shop linked from Vanillaport.
  • Red Bull: find it at Community Spawn.
  • Chest and area protections:Just don’t steal or grief. It’s nicer that way.
  • Teleport system: Learn Vanillaport. Get a personal warp from your home or base going back to Vanillaport right away. Asking to be teleported repeatedly is more annoying than you can even imagine.
  • General security: we know we have fewer defenses against griefers, so what we have done is we have opped a large portion of our senior playerbase. This isn’t permanent and they’re not expected to work as mods, but they have the ability to change game modes, observe players who may be misbehaving, and /ban them if necessary. Everyone who’s been given this ability is trustworthy, and cares about the server and the community. This may even be better than having a really fancy security plugin, yes?
  • If worse comes to worse: our hosting provides us with a full day of hourly backups, that we can restore with two clicks. If bad things happen there is a lot we can do.
  • Lately we have been providing our long-standing players who are opped with their own custom teleport books. We have the coordinates to your homes in XML files from the server, so we can re-create your lists of homes. ieatbrekfast has been doing this, which just rocks.
  • There’s more! I just can’t think of it right now.