The Gorgeous Map Preservation Project

By December 2, 2013Blog, Events, Screenshots

Or GMPP, is an initiative with a noble goal: to preserve the stunning visual integrity of this map, which is amazing. Sure, there are many maps with spectacular terrain in 1.7 Minecraft, but this one is ours. And due to my computer being a derp during terrain gen, there are areas where ugly old incompatible terrain poke through. The GMPP is something everyone can contribute to! Just look for areas of the map with jagged chunks of terrain that doesn’t belong, press f3 and take a screenshot with the coordinates. You can upload the images to imgur *or* make a gallery under your profile on DMZCraft’s little community network. Look forward to it being easier to find, I’ll fix the links right after I get done here. Or use the subreddit. Heck, we’re easy to get ahold of. Just let DrunkenJawas know where you’ve posted and he will go and wield his magic WE wand, and we’ll have this beautiful map restored to its true, just as Dinnerbone intended it.

I couldn’t let this go without some more map porn. Here, I’m documenting as Mr. Squiddles performs his magic on some amazing natural terrain, as he builds our new spawn.