These ranks have been depreciated.  Please see this post for some basic information.


Basic Commands

  • /kit
  • /help
  • /home & /sethome (1 home)
  • /list
  • /rules
  • /spawn
  • /afk
  • /mail
  • /compass
  • /depth
  • /exp
  • /getpos
  • /itemdb
  • /ping
  • /recipe
  • /suicide
  • /time
  • /tpa & /tptoggle
  • /einfo


  • Protect doors, chests, etc. Type /help lwc for more info.


  • Type /help zc to learn about what chat commands you have.


  • Once you’ve got a town going on, talk to a mod or admin and we’ll set up a region for you. You can’t create it on your own. Once you have one, you can add members and manage it using: /region addmember <id> <member1> [member2] [member3] [member4] (etc.)


  • Ammeter (Right click redstone with coal to view it’s current level.)
  • Lightstone (Right click any block with glowstone to view it’s light level.)
  • Signcopy (Right and left click with ink to copy/paste signs.)
  • Better leads
  • Bridge signs
  • Door signs
  • Gate signs
  • Cook signs (re-fuelable)
  • See the Craftbook Wiki for details.


  • Access to our custom enchants
    • Currently we have Fiery(Smelts when used) and Feller(Takes down multiple wood blocks)
  • Lapis lazuli block elevators
  • Better Hoes
    • Right click with seed/plant to the right of hoe in your hotbar to plant several items at once.
  • Special Horses
    • Shift click a horse you own with enough bones or rotten flesh, and convert that horse into a Skeleton or Zombie horse.
  • Letterblocks
    • Thanks to k0nker, we have a super easy command to give yourself letterblocks any time you want!
      • For letters and numbers: Type /letterblocks [metal/wood] phrase. For example, /letterblocks metal hello! gives you 1H, 1E, 2L, 1O and 1!.
      • For arrows, type /letterblocks arrow [metal/wood] direction. For example, /letterblocks arrow metal left.
  • Wands
    • Wand of Crafting (Right click opens crafting table GUI)
      • crafting
    • Wand of Trading (Shift right click selects block, right click replaces block from your inventory)
      • trading
    • Wand of Enchanting (Right click opens enchanting table GUI. Standing near bookshelves increases level)
      • enchant
    • Wand of Ender (Right click opens ender chest GUI)
      • ender



  • 30 homes!!
  • /bigtree
  • /ptime
  • /kittycannon
  • /near



  • /hat (wear items on your head!)
  • /ext (extinguishes yourself)
  • /book
    • /book author



  • /back
  • Create Disposal sign



  • /fly
  • /god
  • /gamemode
  • /repair
  • /speed