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What can we say, it’s been a long time since we last spoke. We’re sorry, how have you been? No, seriously, tell us about it. We’d love to hear from all of you again!

Lately we’ve noticed the ennui setting in regarding staleness, and in return seeing the player count drop off because of this. We’re not mad, honestly. It means you’re out doing (hopefully productive) things, and as we’ve always said, “Real Life Comes First!” (not an official motto).

Of course we ourselves are no saints when it comes to being online, what with SpokenSquid and his university degree, dotlizard and her actual Job thingy, and whatever Zack is doing these days, we’ve all kind of dropped the ball recently. We’re truly sorry for this, but we do try and pop our heads in the door now and again, and will try and do so more frequently now that we have a bit of extra time on our hands. We hope you will do the same.


As for developments since the last post, we’ve actually had quite a few, most notably being the new additions to the moderator team! A big congratulation goes out to MIllgate10Mark10, Mule_is_my_name and Ieatbrekfast, all well deserving of their new rank for their dedication to DMZCraft.

Relating to this, we are currently looking to restructure the mod team as part of some updates we’re planning on rolling out over the next few weeks. So you might start seeing some people around with a Teal name in chat. These will be people that have earned the new rank of Omega. This rank is reserved solely for mods, so you can’t apply for it. These guys won’t have all the powers Alphas or Betas have, but they will be treated to a permanent subscription to all the donor perks, and will still be regarded as veteran players and key members of the community. They just won’t be full blown moderators – you should still listen to them though!

If you guys would like some convincing to come back online, Myself, dotlizard and the Betas have taken over development of Tricadia from Woparsons (shh, he doesn’t know yet), and there has been some fervent building going on, with more planned for the next few weeks. You’re welcome to give your ideas for additions, even building them in creative to be mirrored in the survival world!

We believe Cyphrus has made some excellent developments on his ship build, I know he’s finished the exterior and is now working on the interior spaces – His restaurant/dancefloor area is looking freaking amazing.

ItsProdigal has also been experimenting a lot with craftbook and redstone, and has managed to create some fantastic contraptions – most of all his 100% automatic tree farm. This thing is a sight to behold


As for server developments, we’re still looking at how we’re going to be dealing with the 1.8 update. A lot of things are going to change when this rolls out, most notably the changes to the way minecraft handles user identification. This change pretty much means everything will be broken. Like, everything. Due to this, we’re exploring several options for when 1.8 rolls out:

  • A) We switch to a whitelisted vanilla server until everything becomes stable. We can either keep this map, or go to a temporary freshly generated map.
  • B) We use a distilled development/snapshot version of bukkit that will be very stripped down functionality-wise (and possibly quite buggy) – keeping the current map.
  • C) We say “Screw that” to 1.8 and stick with the current server state until we can get a stable build of bukkit going.

We’d like to hear your feedback on this, so please vote on the poll we’ll be adding soon.

As always please send us your feedback on changes you’d like to see, complaints about other players or simply juicy gossip (I hear SpokenSquid has a cute butt!), and don’t forget we have forums that you guys can feel free to use, seriously, they’re just sitting there. And keep those rank applications rolling in, we love seeing them!


Ta for now,


If this was a poll, would you vote in it? Also, what should we do?

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  • Leonheart515 says:

    “…now that we have a bit of extra time on our hands.”

    I don’t know about you but I have finals starting this week and then I have like two weeks to find a place to live, a job, a Summer internship, and then start Summer semester q.q

    Also, hiya everyone!

  • Mule_Is_My_Name says:

    I think a whitelist snapshot with a temporary map would be sweet.. Then maybe go back to the same map once bukkit is good enough to use?