Just want an update on Vanilla features? Get that here.

We’ve recently gone whitelist, but we still welcome new members! You’ll just need to tell us a little about yourself¬†first, but we hope it will preserve the relaxed, PVB environment (that’s Player vs. Building) that we all enjoy.

When you first join, you’ll be at spawn. You can read the rules, learn about ranks, and see what an ocean temple looks like without water. Before you leave spawn, you should really check out Vanillaport, our transport hub. Since we don’t have plugins, this network is really important for getting around. Use the pressure plate to get there.
The numbers on the right side of the screen are levels stored in the XP bank. You can find the XP bank at Community Spawn. The numbers in the Tab list are points, which you can spend at the Shop. You get points by killing mobs.

XP and Points

The main destinations are near the entrance, under the large arches. You’ll find warps back to Spawn, to Community Spawn (home of the XP Bank and Red Bull), to Tricadia (giant water slide, mob arena), and to the Shop.The Main Warps Attached to Vanillaport is the Head Shop. The decorative heads are free for everyone to use, and they work no matter what texture pack you use. Head Shop
You’ll find the XP bank and RedBull dispensers there. Plots are available, ask LCO99. XP Bank Red Bull: it gives you wings! Red Bull
A work in progress, you can purchase things like diamonds, beacons, sponges, and other useful items. Shop
Linked from vanillaport. More later.
Tricadia, home of the mob arena and the giant waterslide! Tricadia