This is (more or less) what’s in the challenge books available in-game. You rank yourself up by completing challenges, saving the special commemorative challenge heads you receive, and turning them in to advance to the next tier.

Type /skyblock to get to sky spawn, where the island teleports are arranged in quadrants by island difficulty. In the center are  teleports to the challenge areas, and on the back of each teleport, you’ll find that tier’s challenge book.

This isn’t a skyblock plugin, the whole ranking system is done with command blocks, and the challenges were designed (mostly) by Dot, who is very open to suggestions.

The first tier is all about getting started in Skyblock. You can do the challenges in any order you like, but they’re meant to build on each other. By the end of this tier, you will have enough resources for a trip to hell — yay, hell!

  1. Obligatory Cobble Generator
    Build a cobble generator. Generate some cobble. Deposit 64 cobble into the challenge chest. Your reward will be 16 iron ore, 1 piston, and one slime block. Enjoy!
  2. Light it up
    Beat those trees, fire up that oven, make some torches. Deposit 32 of these precious light sources into the challenge chest. Your reward is 10 dirt and 1 grass block.
  3. Get your farm on
    You’ve been wheat farming, right? Good. Dump a half stack of wheat into the challenge chest, receive 2 cow eggs! Hope you have some wheat left for them!
  4. Dark it down
    You’ll need to make a dark place where monsters appear out of nowhere, and kill, kill, kill. 64 rotten flesh and 64 bones in the challenge chest will earn you two pig eggs.
  5. Smackin’ arachnids
    Murder enough spiders to collect 16 string, deposit it in the challenge chest. In much the same way that string makes wool, this challenge will reward you 2 sheep eggs.
  6. It’s a beach
    Well, it will be after you deposit 64 oak logs in this chest. Your reward will be 16 sugar cane, 16 sand, and 8 dirt. No such thing as too much dirt!
  7. Ewe know it
    Shave your sheep repeatedly, then deposit a stack of white wool in the challenge chest. You will receive 10 gravel, 1 pumpkin, and 2 dirt.
  8. Feed the need
    Remember those nice cows you raised? Harvest their tasty meat, cook it, and deposit a stack of steaks in the challenge chest. You’ll receive 1 potato, 1 carrot, and 1 chicken spawn egg.
  9. Uber cobbler
    It takes a lotta cobble to make 24 furnaces. Since the reward for this is only 5 blocks of obsidian (and a diamond) you’re probably gonna have to do this twice if you want to go to hell. You do want to, don’t you?
  10. Go to hell
    Build your portal, hope on through, and collect 64 netherrack before scurrying back. Your reward? 2 villager spawn eggs! Feel free to do this one over, and over, and over — villagers will be one of your most important resources.

When you have completed all of the challenges, bring one of each of the challenge heads to the center of the challenge redemption area and deposit them in the rank-up chest to advance to Tier 2.

Hint: if you’re short of dirt, you can make “mulch” out of oak leaves and potatoes. Two oak leaves + two potatoes = two dirt.

You’ve been to hell and back, and you have the villagers to show for it! Let’s get you some supplies and some critters!

  1. Let’s make a deal
    Find some willing villagers and get down to business. When you have 5 emeralds, bring them to the challenge chest and receive 2 jungle saplings and 4 dark oak. Finally some variety!
  2. la la la 
    Craft a noteblock, for no particular reason. Place it in the challenge chest, receive 5 cocoa beans and 5 brown mushrooms!
  3. Blow it up
    That mob grinder of yours is an important asset. Kill kill kill! 64 gunpowder will get you 2 slime blocks.
  4. Get baked
    Good news: iron is cheap and easy! A mere stack of cookies gets you two iron blocks. Oh, and you are hoarding everything, right? Make sure to hoard challenge heads.
  5. You have a point
    Well, you *had* a point. Now, you’re going to bring your prized diamond sword to the challenge area and trade it in for three rabbit spawn eggs and a small surprise. Undamaged swords only!
  6. It’s a miracle!
    Prepare 10 loaves of bread and 10 cooked fish, and you will be rewarded with a miraculously strange creature, the mooshroom, along with a block of mycelium so he’ll feel at home.
  7. Taste the cuteness
    Slaughter some of those sweet little bunnies you’ve been raising, and bring 16 fresh carcasses to the challenge chest to receive 2 birch and 2 spruce saplings. .
  8. Melancholy baby
    More killing, yay! 64 cooked chickens will get you one melon, and one wolf spawn egg. Perhaps it’ll be a collie when you tame it?
  9. Either ore
    It sucks without coal, doesn’t it? On the bright side, 16 charcoal will get you a block of shimmering gold. Fun fact: we have a custom recipe for Notch apples: a regular gold apple, surrounded by gold blocks.
  10. Blaze it up
    Find a nether fortress, survive its perils, and collect enough blaze rods to make 16 blaze powder. Your reward? 16 red sand and the end of Tier 2!

When you have completed all the challenges for Tier 2, bring one of each challenge head to the center of the challenge area to advance to Tier 3!

The end is near, can you feel it? To prepare, it’s time to get busy in hell. Break’s over, everybody back on their heads!

  1. It begins
    You’ll have to earn your end portal, bit by bit. Start with 64 quartz, just the pieces please. Your reward: 3 precious end portal blocks.
  2. Ghost rider
    You know where the diamond horse armor is, right? Yep, in hell. Plunder the fortresses until you have found one, and be rewarded with three more portal blocks. Halfway there!
  3. Good fences make good neighbors
    And 16 nether brick fences make 16 shimmering blocks of sand!
  4. See the sandman
    Speaking of sand, collect 64 tormented blocks from the hellish beaches. Dump ’em in the chest, we’ll exorcise the demons and give you back 64 peaceful pieces of raw clay.
  5. Hot enough for ya? 
    Take a break from Fire Lake and do some nice, refreshing fishing. Bring 3 pufferfish to the challenge chest and be rewarded with 3 sea lanterns!
  6. Rock on
    64 nether brick is probably even easier than it sounds, and rewarding too! 16 red sandstone for your sienna-tinted construction pleasure.
  7. Unwithered
    There’s only one way to get coal here, gotta kill those wither skellies. Get busy! 3 coal will get you a horse egg. Because horses are so useful in the sky.
  8. It never ends
    You know what goes good with red sandstone? Acacia! Whip up two pillar quartz blocks and we’ll give you 2 acacia saplings.
  9. Cry every time
    Shoot the ghasts, make them cry. Three tears brings you three more end portal blocks!
  10. Actually, everything ends
    How many wither assholes ya gotta kill to get one lousy skull? We’ll take that skull now. And no, you’re not getting it back, but you are getting the final 3 portal blocks, 4 end crystals, and a dragon head.

You know the drill — bring heads, put in chest, push button, promotion!

The thing about DIY end portals, is that you have to place the blocks while standing in the center of what will be your portal. Get ready to meet the dragon, stand in the center of the portal, and complete it with 12 Eyes of Ender. Welcome to Tier 4

  1. Her name is Jean
    Yes, that majestic creature you just killed was named Jean. Carefully collect her egg and bring it to the challenge chest. Don’t worry, we’ll give it back.
  2. Keep on rockin’
    Trade a stack of unattractive endstone for 8 beautiful prismarine blocks? What a deal!
  3. Fight the hordes, scream and cry
    While we’re on the sea theme, 16 enderpearls will get you four gorgeous prismarine bricks! You know how bad you want that prismarine.
  4. Valhalla, I am coming
    Break out the silk touch and bonemeal, you’re going to need a stack of red mushroom blocks. Bring ’em here, get four dank prismarine blocks.
  5. Sploosh
    You wanted cats, right? Better make an offering! A milk bucket, a half stack of raw fish, and a half stack of salmon will get you two ocelot eggs!
  6. Wharrgarbl
    For a mere 8 bottles o’enchanting, you can acquire 4 wet sponges! You need sponges in skyblock, right? Everyone needs sponges.
  7. Silflay hraka, u embleer rah
    If you speak Lapine, I just insulted you. Also, if you insult enough rabbits to get four of their feet, you’ll get four redstone blocks!
  8. General disarray
    Just make four fireworks. They don’t have to be fancy. Well trade you for a dozen of every flower.
  9. Life is unfair
    Oh my god 64 obsidian? Well it had better be a good reward, right? Wrong. Bring the obby, get the Stick of Truth. Ouch.
  10. Wither without
    Build a wither. Kill a wither. Get a nether star. Bring the nether star here. And you know what? We’ll give it back! Because we love you!

Congratulations, Tier5 is when it starts getting seriously awesome. After you’ve turned in your Tier 4 heads, you’ll get access to the /tier5 command, which will take you to the Tier5 challenge area!

It begins. Again. 

Congratulations and welcome to the big tier! 5A is all about decoration and entertainment. The challenges are pretty easy if you’ve been hoarding all kinds of (formerly) useless stuff.

  1. Feathered friends
    It’s time to get decorative! If you’ve been slaughtering your chickens for your butcher villagers, you should have a LOT of feathers. Every stack will get you 16 blocks of plain terracotta.
  2. Pointy pals
    Your grinder’s been giving you more arrows than you could ever use, let’s hope you’ve been hanging on to them! 1 stack of arrows gets you 8 sand and 8 gravel and the ability to start making that sweet concrete!
  3. A little FruFru
    Rabbit hides can be crafted into cowhides, but in this case we’re going to offer a straight trade for more concrete stuff (this way, you can choose which way to get your powder on). 64 hides = 8 sand, 8 gravel.
  4. High Steaks
    As the proverbial Colorado cow farmer said, “the steaks have never been higher.” Anyway, grinding for valuable hides leaves you with loads of meat. 32 raw beef will get you 8 ice blocks!
  5. Bows before beasts
    You know all those annoying bows the skellies clutter your grinder chests with? Bet you wish you kept them now! If not, just make ’em yourself. 7 bows gets you 2 llama eggs, because reasons.
  6. Fish are friends
    Haven’t you always had a hankering for a big, creepy green goldfish that cannot shoot you in the ass with lasers? I know I have! Bring a stack of plain old dead fish, receive two mostly harmless pet fish eggs.
  7. Unnecessary bear
    Am I running out of ideas? Heck no! While you’re not worrying, bring 1 of each log to the challenge area. For that you can have a pet baby bear… thingy. Barrot? Something like that. (side note: Knut is such an inauspicious name for such a creature.)
  8. Haha, charade u r
    Cook up some pork, or acquire it from your local butchers. You are breeding pigs, right? Pigs make extra babies here. As the smell of roast person fills the air, drop 32 cooked chops in the chest and receive a porcine companion of sorts, or two.
  9. Monument madness
    For this challenge you’ll need an ocean monument. If this were your challenge book, there would be a clickable warp command. Click that, go there, fight the sharks with frickin’ laser beams on their heads. NOTE: since guardians will NOT spawn in superflat, the monument contains many guardian spawners. Just swim around a bit to activate them. Collect 8 crystals and 16 shards & we’ll trade you for … Tim! You like Tim! It isn’t mutual.
  10. Elder Abuse
    So, remember that monument? Well, this time, the parents are home. Click the button on the dock, dive in, and kill all three elders – they’ll have a special, confessional drop for you. Bring all three here for a flock of parrots!

At the end of Tier 5A, there’s no fancy new rank color — however — there is an ender backpack, as well as an XP curio. Hold it in your off hand to enhance your XP, and keep that [XPKeeper] nice and full! .

Shiny Things

Isn’t it about time we started hoarding the shinies? It is!

  1. Red shiny
    It’s been hard to get enough redstone to do anything really creative with it. Perhaps this will help: 2 redstone blocks for 64 nether bricks? Nah, too much. Let’s make it 32!
  2. Blue shiny
    Lapis is elevators, lapis is enchanting, lapis is life. Want some? Bring 16 warm, gooey magma creams and trade ’em for a block of the blue!
  3. Green shiny
    Sure, you can haggle with your villagers all day, or, you can farm up some of the green to trade for some shinier green! 64 prickly cactus blocks = 1 emerald block. And easy way to grind emeralds, what have we done?
  4. Shiny shiny
    Tired of buying whatever enchantments your NPCs feel like selling you? Want to make your own way in the world of diamond gear? 32 glowstone + 32 blaze rods = a shimmering block of the D. Diamond, that is.
  5. Sea to shiny sea
    Not getting enough of those shimmering jewels of the deep oceans? Trade a stack of popped chorus fruit for 8 lovely (and practical!) sea lanterns. No getting zapped in the ass by guardians required! As always, ass-zaps are optional.
  6. A shining beacon
    Remember I told you to hoard everything? Hope you’ve been saving your iron blockheads. A stack of them means you’ve almost got enough iron for a beacon, and if you trade them in, you’ll get another beacon! Shiny!
  7. Magnanimous
    While we’re feeling generous here, let’s give you an easier way to get dirty. A simple stack of magma blocks nets you a cool half stack of that brown gold. Shiny enough, right?
  8. On the mend
    OK, so, Survival’s spawn villagers have spoiled us. Life is hard without enough mending books! Getting 8 ghast tears is also hard, so it seems a fair enough trade?
  9. A saturated fact
    Gold carrots restore more saturation than any other food item, next is rabbit stew. Bring 1 of each, get a jukebox for all those records your grinder’s been giving you. It is giving you records, right? This will come up later, just a heads-up.
  10. Wings of steel
    Have you been through one of those portals that pop up when the dragon dies? There’s also a random teleporter, point is, you need to find yourself an end ship, and get yourself some elytra. Bring them here, we’ll see what we can do about getting you something a little less un-legendary.

At the end of Tier 5B, you will be awarded a mixed blessing: the JumpClock. Yes, it’s convenient, but let’s face it it’s inaccurate. Use with caution when the floor is eternity.

Tier 5C is going to have some mansion stuff in it.


slightly less soon.