Terms & Conditions

Be kind. Be courteous.

  • We have a good time. Treat each other with respect, lend a helping hand, and join the fun! We’re not the Fun Police, but we don’t tolerate bullying, hate-speech or trolling. We allow swearing, but keep in mind that we invite players of all ages on our server, so please censor yourself depending on who’s online. We have channels available to use so that you can speak more freely.
    • What constitutes as hate-speech, you ask? Anything that can be considered derogatory or insulting to a group of people. Punch up, not down. What happens if you break this rule? Depending on the severity, you may be reminded of the rules and asked to move to a private channel. You may be forcibly moved into another channel, or /silence’d. Take it too far and you’re looking at a ban.

Educate yourself.

  • We’re always improving and offering new features, plugins, and tools. So stay informed and learn our ways! The Staff will help you, but we’d appreciate if you did a little digging before asking. Check out the ranks page to learn what commands you have at your disposal. The plugin command reference page goes into more detail about plugin-specific perms. And there’s always your pal, Google!
    • This is more of a guide than a rule. However, excessive pestering of the Staff to help with survival play is frowned upon. Part of the fun of the game is learning from your mistakes!

Honesty is the best policy.

  • We all get confused, make mistakes and have misunderstandings. Be forthcoming and open and help us communicate with you! Be cooperative when Staff members ask you questions.

Apply for promotions.

  • You are absolutely allowed to ask for a promotion on DMZ! Staff may notice you deserve a promotion without you asking, but we highly encourage aspiring to move up in the server. We have a promotion form to fill out when you think you’re ready. You can also use it to nominate another player. Keep in mind that promotions are always sequential — we don’t skip ranks.
    • How long should you wait to ask? Staff members factor in your involvement with the server, your attitude, your playtime, and what you’ve built while on the server. Ranks are designed to be held for a good long while, so don’t be offended if the Staff don’t think you’re quite there yet. Just keep hanging out and building cool shit!
    • For a more in-depth guide for what we’re looking for respective of the rank you’re applying for, you can check out the ranks page for descriptions of promotion criteria.

Don’t grief or steal.

  • Don’t waste your time trying to grief — you will be found out, banned, and the damage will be fixed in a matter of minutes.

Spread out and protect your homes!

  • In our experience, we have found that players are like tigers — each have vast tracts of land they like to wander and hunt. When these territories overlap, shit gets ugly. Please help us prevent shit getting ugly by leaving at least a 200-300 block buffer between you and other players homesteads. Unless, of course, you’re living in a town — in which case this would be a stupid idea.
    • Make sure to protect your things using the GriefPrevention and LWC plugins. If you have a very large area like a 32-chunk-long ship or a town, ask a Staff member and they will create a protected region for you.

Don’t use game-breaking exploits.

  • This is basically to prevent any advantages over other players. Things like auto-tillers, auto-attackers, auto-clickers, afk farms and grinders, fly hacks, and X-Ray hacks all count as game-breaking. Did you know it’s incredibly easy to tell if you’ve been using X-Ray? All the Staff know what to look for.
    • What happens if you get caught? You’ll be demoted and potentially have your chest and inventory wiped, and you’d have to start from scratch.
    • Mods that are considered okay are things like Rei’s Minimap, Optifine or Inventory Tweaks. If you’re unsure if you’re allowed a client mod, ask a Staff member!

Don’t PVP without consent.

  • If someone asks you to stop, you must stop. Don’t be surprised if someone hits you back if you start a battle. If someone is harassing you, type /spawn (they can’t hurt you there) and report them to a Staff member.

Spelling and grammar matter.

  • In order for everyone to have a good time and communicate with each other, we’d appreciate it if you spoke in English (whatever English you learned where you come from). This extends to refraining from spamming with caps or other such nonsense.

You can email:

[email protected]

with any questions or concerns and it will get directly to the server owners.

If you’re emailing about a server outage or an in-game issue, please submit a ticket on our issues form (preferably with a timestamp, if known) and we’ll know what to do. If you have screenshots about the problem please make an imgur gallery and include a link.