These ranks have been depreciated.  Please see this post for some basic information.

[pane title=”Alpha” start=open] Alphas can usually be seen flying around with underwear on their heads. We don’t know why, we’re too afraid to ask them. Despite the strange headgear though, these guys are the elite in server administration. They’re there to solve the problems the Betas can’t fix, and have the social inadequacies of an enderbro. Approach with caution, and with a porkchop at the ready in case they get hungry on the job.

Commands and perks:

Don’t you just wish you knew what these guys get? We don’t even think they know about all the commands at their disposal. Needless to say, they can fix it.

Guidelines for Promotion Applications:

Applicants must be a Beta, and will be promoted upon deliberation between the three Server owners.

[/pane] [pane title=”Beta”] Betas are the go-getters of the moderation staff. You can usually find them congregating around small ponds and sheep pens, and can be easily startled. So don’t make any sudden moves until they trust you, then they’re all yours to help out with any queries or concerns! These guys are your first option if you have any problems, so bug them before you go trying to find an Alpha

Commands and perks:

A bit of this, a bit of that. They can fix most things, even if it takes them a long time and a few chewed pencils.

Guidelines for Promotion Applications:

Applicants must be exceptionally well ingrained within the community, warm, friendly and welcoming to newer players. Applicants are advised to be reasonably versed in the various moderating commands before submitting, but training will be given upon approval or application. Applicants are advised to have either helped out with running, or organised a community event, as well as shown ability to deal with unruly behaviour and encourage a stimulating chat environment. Final approval must be unanimous between all three server owners.

[/pane] [pane title=”Omega”] Omegas are former mods, who either retired or wandered off. We reward them with /gamemode, /tp, /speed, /repair, 15 /homes, and limited WorldEdit.

[/pane] [pane title=”Zeta”] Zetas are elite, yet humble. Passionate, yet calm and level-headed. Spontaneous, yet dependable. Crunchy, with a light, fluffy nougat center.They are a delight to be around, and they know the game of Minecraft and the ways of the server, inside and out. You don’t often see player ranks with privileges like these, because you don’t often see players like Zetas. 

Commands and perks:

Everything Nu, Epsilon, Delta, and Gamma get, plus:

  • access to /helper (/h) mod chat channel
  • /fly
  • /broadcast
  • colored chat

A total of 11 /homes

Guidelines for Promotion Applications:

Applicants should be long-term players who have had a significant positive impact on the server and community. They have shown willingness to pitch in and help the mod team, taken a leadership role in big projects, and shown themselves to be exceptionally trustworthy.

[/pane] [pane title=”Gamma”] These guys have been around for a while. They can be easily identified by the wrinkles in their armpits and the thousand-yard stare – these guys have seen some shit, man. Gamma’s are the pillars of the community that everyone should aspire to be, they are warm and friendly, invite new players with open arms, help out with community events (and even come up with their own now and again!). You’ve just gotta ignore the faint smell of cabbage and wee.

Commands and perks:

Everything Nu, Epsilon, and Delta get, plus:

  • /back
  • /ptime (set your own personal time)
  • /sign create [disposal]
  • SilkSpawners
  • /spawner

A total of 9 /homes

Guidelines for Promotion Applications:

Applicants should have spent a large portion of their time active on the server and be at least a Delta. They should be friendly in chat, and participate openly in server events. Ideas for new events and games are welcome discussion from applicants and contributions to these even more so. Applicants are advised to have at least one substantial build on the server, be it a town, feature, grinder or other such community-centered build.

[/pane] [pane title=”Delta”] Kind of like that creepy uncle that always hangs around but you can’t quite figure out, Delta’s are just… there. These guys constitute the majority of the playerbase, but despite their weird vibes – you’re always happy to see them at christmas (mainly due to the crisp 20 bucks thrust into your hand as they shake it). Deltas are always happy to help out in any way they can, yet always seem to require it at the same time.

Commands and perks:

Everything Nu and Epsilon get, plus:

  • /hat
  • /ext
  • /kittycannon
  • JumpClock
  • Craftbook: leads on mobs, including ignore-target (which does not work due to a bukkit bug, but it’s a nice thought) See the Craftbook Wiki for details.

A total of 7 /homes

Guidelines for Promotion Applications:

Applicants for this rank should be at least Epsilon, and have spent a reasonable amount of time on the server, be well established in their personal Minecraft game, and trustworthy enough for the powerful JumpClock tool. Frequently offering a helping hand to other players is a good way to get a head start with their applications. Participation in community events is great to see from applicants, as is a bright and friendly attitude in chat.

[/pane] [pane title=”Epsilon”] Epsilons are the bright young upstarts of the server. They may not know their right from their left yet, but they’re ready and willing to make their mark in the world, and have a good time while doing it. The ideal Epsilon volunteers for anything, be it helping out on a community build, starting a small town or even helping an Alpha test the effects of that weird yellow drink they claim to be a “new potion recipe they’re working on”.

Commands and perks:

Everything Nu gets, plus

  • /book
  • /suicide
  • Access to warp signs
  • Craftbook: bridges, doors, gates, cooking, sign copy. See the Craftbook Wiki for details.

A total of 5 /homes

Guidelines for Promotion Applications:

Applicants should have shown a good understanding of the community’s rules and ethics, and align with these. They should be self sufficient and trustworthy enough to gain access to teleport destinations. A friendly face in chat is good to see as well, as is a clean record.

[/pane] [pane title=”Nu”] Whether they’re just stopping by to sniff around or just starting their career on DMZCraft, Nu’s are, you guessed it, the newest players on the block. It is the job of the higher ranks to make these guys feel as welcome as possible and promote a fun and safe environment for them to flourish into the potential Gamma’s they are. The only thing a Nu should be concerned with is surviving the first night and getting their hands on some tasty, tasty diamonds. Preferably not from someone elses chests, mind you

Commands and perks:

The Basics:

  • /help
  • /list
  • /rules
  • /spawn
  • /afk
  • /mail
  • /compass
  • /depth
  • /exp
  • /getpos
  • /itemdb
  • /ping
  • /recipe
  • /time
  • /info
  • /tpa, /tptoggle
  • LWC
  • EXP Bank
  • /sethome
  • Ender Backpack
  • GriefPrevention
  • Craftbook: ammeter, leads, pistons, doors, hidden switches, lightstone, pipes. See the Craftbook Wiki for details.

A whopping 3 /homes

Guidelines for Promotion Applications:

If you’re applying for this rank, we’re going to assume you’ve been demoted to Upsilon. A good idea is to start with an apology and an explanation. Following that, any reasons why you think we should allow you to continue playing on our server would be helpful. Then based upon the severity of your offences and attitude in chat, we will consider promoting you either back to your original rank, or below it as we see fit.

[/pane] [pane title=”Upsilon”] To get this rank, you must have screwed up pretty bad. Seriously, you dun goofed. You’ll have to appeal to get your privileges back.

Commands and Perks: