Every weekend, starting the instant it becomes Friday (12:01AM EST), we launch one of a repeating series of extra goodies to make your mining and/or crafting easier.

[pane title=”1st Friday” start=open]

jclockThere’s a dispenser at spawn, where you can get a very special clock. That clock, when you point it at a thing and right click it, will /jump you to the thing. You may also use /jump or even /j, but why? Rock out with your clock out.

[/pane] [pane title=”2nd Friday”]

xpAt first it was double XP. Then we thought it needed a little … je ne sais quoi. So we added more doubles, making it TWO POINT FIVE X xp. Which is kind of a pain to explain, but it makes up for that by being an awesome way to fill up your XPKeeper sign. You are using the XP Keeper, right?

Use your XP Keeper. Make a sign, that says [XPKeeper] on it, and deposit your XP with a left click. Never use XP with more than the maximum, if you do you are using levels — but run it through the XP Keeper and you can use the XP, not the levels. Big difference.

[/pane] [pane title=”3rd Friday”]

Seriously overpowered tools.

[/pane] [pane title=”4th Friday”]

rbullEvery hour, you can type /redbull to receive 5 bottles of this unique and overpowered elixir.

For the hoes, here’s the deal:

  • Break crops 3×3 at a time, without disturbing partially grown crops. Right click with your hoe.
  • With bonemeal in your inventory, right click crops to grow instantly.
  • Right click tilled soil with a hoe to plant any seeds in the slot just to the right of your hoe.
  • Break sugarcane with a hoe to auto break the 2nd lowest sugarcane, will not break the lowest sugarcane
[/pane] [pane title=”5th Friday”]

allThere is no fifth thing. However with fifth friday all things are possible.