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Everyone hates phantoms.



Go to them! Look in the chests! You'll find cool stuff there. You might even find a Legendary!

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Website… v1091510?

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'ello DMZers, You may notice that things look a little bit different! Okay... a-lot-a-bit different. sawarahh and I have been hard at work getting the website updated with all of…

We’re Live

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1.13 has been released, and play.dmzcraft.com now loads into the 1.13 world. Plugins are slowly coming along, so this is a limited world. When you load in to spawn, there…

Ranks have been updated!

| Announcements, Blog | 4 Comments
For detailed information, check here.   With the MCNSA and DMZCraft merge underway, you will notice that our in-game ranks have changed.  If you have any questions, please contact an…

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