So, you’ve been banned (or your name has turned grey and you can’t build — that’s called Upsilon and it’s a punishment rank). If you’re innocent, please explain. Evidence will be really important here, if you have an imgur gallery of screenshots, please include it. If you’re not innocent, but genuinely sorry and willing not to do stupid shit again, please explain to us what you did wrong, why it was wrong, and what redeeming qualities you may have.

Remember, we hold you responsible for what your Minecraft account does, so telling us your little brother logged on while you weren’t looking won’t help unless you also explain the steps you’ve taken to ensure that doesn’t happen again. And then apologize for being a dumbass — your little brother? Really? Come on.

Honesty is absolutely crucial.

If you have some screenshots that support your version of events, you may upload them to an imgur gallery and add the link here, or just upload the images directly.