New World, New Spawn, Brand-new Minecraft

By December 23, 2016Blog, Game Features

To say the staff has been working overtime is putting it mildly. The core team of new spawn planners and configurators have been working our┬ábrains off. In the past few days, we have had people falling asleep on keyboards, hearing voices and stuff, it’s nuts. Literally. But we’ve just gotten to the point where the tools Minecraft and the associated plugin-coding community have to offer are getting really good, at the same time we’ve all been at it for years now and we’re actually starting to get the hang of this — you should come see, and play.

We have put together a set of features and plugins that keep getting better everyday — we had a few interesting moments earlier this evening due to a wayward pig that crashed the entire server repeatedly for about a half an hour (I’m not even kidding) — but aside from that we’ve been quite solid and we are running the very latest version of Minecraft available. Updates happen regularly and are getting much, much smoother — most you won’t even notice. Server performance is the best it’s ever been, features and documentation are the best they’ve ever been.

The dynmap is live, the Lootery is completely overhauled, we’ve got logs with bark on all 6 sides and a neatly-organized, navigable Spawn with almost everything you can get in minecraft (and a few things you can’t). We have custom recipes, alphabet heads, XP banking, 3 kinds of protection, and a new player rank that can fly. We’ve kept our player numbers up enough to get more random new visitors popping in from various lists of servers, so we even had to put together this handy FAQ. And our 3rd birthday was November 10th of this year, so we’ve made it past the terrible twos!

Join us!