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By November 13, 2013Blog

Hey guys!

So I’ve decided it’s time to make our first proper post, and I’d like to start off by saying WELCOME!

We’ve seen such a warm response from players wanting a taste of 1.7.2, to rekindle the flame of a great community, and maybe perhaps a bit of friendly banter! It’s great to see so many familiar faces floating around, and we’re always looking for new friends! You can help us out by spreading the word to your minecrafting friends and simply maintaining a presence on the server!

For those that don’t know, DMZCraft spawned from three survival admins from another server, MCNSA. There are many reasons why we’ve done this, but that’s not really an issue. We maintain that we’re not really affiliated with MCNSA, although we share much of the same community. We haven’t left either! So expect to see us pop in now and again over on s.mcnsa.com. What matters is that we’re here, we’re fresh, and we’re most certainly not inexperienced! DMZ comes from the combinations of our three names, Dot (dotlizard, her nickname), Matt (Myself, SpokenSquid), and Zack (Leonheart515). It should be cleared up that it has nothing to do whatsoever with military pursuits resulting from the Korean war, or Computer networking – it’s simply an acronym.

I can only speak for myself, so I’ll say that I expect to be online quite a bit in the coming month or two, as I’m currently on my end-of -year break from uni. Expect me to drop out every weekend and for a few weeks around the christmas/new year period though, as work will pick up again. I know Leon has a lot of coursework to get through, and to combat this he’s limited himself to only an hour online a day – and good on him! Real life always comes first (but that’s not to say you guys come a close second!) as for dot, well she’ll pretty much be floating around some place or another, afk or not.

Currently we’re in Vanilla 1.7.2, but that will change as soon as bukkit and our selection of plugins have updated. For now, we have no ranks apart from Admin (Cyan) and Moderator (Light Green). Both ranks have temporary OP status, and have been instructed not to abuse this power (It will also probably be stripped when we get permissions up and running). We kindly ask that you listen to them, they’re here to be your friends but won’t be afraid to get nasty if a situation calls for it. When permissions are set up, we’re thinking of setting everyone back to zero. But, here’s the catch – we will set up a system of promotion wherein you guys can fill out a submission form on the website here, or on the subreddit at /r/DMZCraft with a few words about what rank you’d like, and why you think you deserve this rank (perhaps even including some screenshots of builds you’ve done), friends can even provide character references in the comments! Later on we will only accept applications for ranks one tier higher than your current, but for now we think it would be best for some people to skip a few ranks, taking into consideration our past experiences with those players. Applications for moderators will be closed until we get everyone settled in, but if you think you’re up for it – don’t be afraid to stick your hand up and jump in! We will review each submission individually, but note that we expect higher quality applications for the higher ranks! We feel that this will generate a much closer community, and will let players progress at their own pace, rather than fading into the background. It will, however require you to speak up and be noticed (and come out of your shell if you’re the quiet type!).

We expect to keep our plugin selection pretty simple for now. You know, the usual moderation tools like WorldGuard, WorldEdit, CoreProtect, NoCheatPlus, Modreq etc., but we will expand to some more exciting stuff later on, like Craftbook. We plan to use WorldGuard as our main protections plugin, as it offers us the most flexibility and customisation of regions. We are also researching economy options for the future, so look forward to that! We are, of course, open to any suggestions you may have of what you’d like to see on the server, and if possible, will try and bring it to fruition! After all, this isn’t just OUR server, it’s YOUR server!

That’s about all for now, we will try and continue to bring you updates on what is happening on the back end. And we encourage you to ask your friends to come and join us! We have big plans for the server, but we need the playerbase to make it happen! So thanks to all of you that have stuck your heads in the door so far, and I hope to see you online again sometime soon!




TL;DR: If you really loved me, you’d read it.