It’s Vanilla! What do we do?

By July 20, 2014Blog

This is a different sort of vanilla, and we’ve got some new tools and abilities to ease the pain of playing without plugins. You can have area protections and chest protections, and anyone who’s opped (and that’s all of the mods, most of the gammas, and some of the deltas probably as well) can create these things.

We trust that you’re all mature enough not to abuse the power of OP. We’re still playing survival minecraft so unless it’s a special project, don’t use creative mode. Don’t OP each other, leave that to console-level admins. Try not to do too much /tp’ing, but do help others who *need* a tp. Also, LEARN TO USE THE TELEPORT SYSTEM. And GET YOURSELF A TELEPORT TO VANILLAPORT. It will make your playing life SO much easier.

If you, against all good advice and reasoning, built any structures that depend entirely on the use of lapis elevators, we can install command blocks that do the same thing. Note: relative coordinates use ~, so an elevator going up 50 blocks would be /tp @p ~0 50 ~0. Use buttons rather than pressure plates.

I’ve started a to-do list thread and encourage any of you who are interested in helping out to join in. Once we get our bearings, we’ll advertise and get new players.

We’re going to need to keep a good reference of things we learn. Shall we use the reddit wiki, or our forum here?