it’s 3 am, and i have a plan NEW PLAN

By April 29, 2014Blog, Events

UPDATE: There are new terrain gen possibilities BUT if you leave it default, it still gives you the same terrain 1.7x gives you — translation: no reason we can’t keep this map. Gonna keep it. Like we promised. So let’s review options:

If we update AT ALL, we lose plugins. Updating to 1.7.x, we can keep most of them, but we’d lose the non-updating ones. We’re going to lose those eventually anyway, so it’s just a matter of when. Some things will be replaced but not right away. Things we’d be going without: multi-world support, lapis elevators and all the bukkitextras stuff, and other things I can’t think of at the moment.

If we don’t update to 1.7.9 (or anything above 1.7.6), we appear offline to anyone who updated their client, unless they login under an older profile.

If we update right now to the snapshot, we lose ALL plugins but we gain the new slimeblocks (and all that that entails), the new stone, the new command block possibilities, and the excitement of a new version with new things. And we get the plugins back as soon as they update.

Pardon me for rambling, I’ve been websiting and it’s kind of eaten my brain.

So YAY MOJANG has thrown yet another AWESOME surprise our way, in the form of guess what, terrain generation! Oh shit, the map, YOU PROMISED dot! I can hear you now, and that’s what you’re thinking.

Fear not, dear fear-y people, for I have a plan.

You see, the terrain generation change comes along with a VERY hot new custom terrain customizer for customizations and shit. And if we may pause a moment to digress, I think the direction this is headed is very exciting, from the perspective of someone who likes to tinker with maps & gameplay & such. But back to the matter at hand. I promised everyone continuity, now what?

Well, remember that Diaspora thing I talked about before?

Not exactly like that, no. We’ll have to flee the planet, so to speak, in order to continue civilization as we wish to know it. But as server admins we have quite a mastery of time and relative dimension in space, far more than most diaspora-having tribes, and we’re going to take a whole shitload of the current world with us, as islands in a vast ocean, location of ocean TBD, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.

But that’s something that happens when the full version comes out, so what do we do now? Our future is not of this world, yet we languish here, feeling the doomed-ness in the air. But we are men and women of action, this languishing does not become us. Let’s do something drastic, why not?

We can do a temp map in the snapshot because SO MANY COOL NEW THINGS and then the minute the terrain gen is stable, we can get started on our permanent new home including the VERY LARGE and probably somewhat painstaking surgery of dismantling our largest builds and re-creating them as the Mystical Past Islands that we’ll be able to visit as soon as we’ve gotten settled in our new world.

Bottom line, I’m giving you guys continuity if I have to copy it in a hundred small segments, one by one, by myself. Because I promised. But for now, you wanna go have some fun in a brave new world? We can bring over a PODS storage of stuff we’ve been hoarding for the update, what do you say?

Edit: look! LOOK!


  • Moonhowler22 says:

    Sounds nifty. Can only Mods/Admins do terrain gen? Do we have to be in creation mode to use it? We will still be able to access the current world if we do a temp snapshot world?

    Finals are over next week, so between working and catching up on shows, I should have more time to get on.

  • Mule_Is_My_Name says:

    That sounds awesome 😀
    Will you have to copy the areas before the snapshot map is up?

    • dotlizard says:

      I can copy them at any time really, I’ll have local copies of the map. In fact, I’ll have to practice to see how big of things can be copied and such before I do any actual copying.