It’s not REALLY dangerous, you know

By July 27, 2014Blog

OK, there was a rough week there but this latest snapshot, 30c, is VASTLY improved. Any of you that were having trouble should get on back here and check it out, it’s worth seeing. Mojang is really knocking it out of the park as far as bug-fixes and a rework of the lighting engine. There’s about 99% less ugly dark corner glitches now, which is quite beautiful, and chunks *almost* render in the correct order!


I am on my son’s computer, a solid gaming PC, and it just doesn’t work over 10. Yours may be able to go higher BUT 10 is a pretty safe bet. Do that before you get here, you’ll be happy you did and things look so much better. Hasn’t Minecraft *always* had those lighting glitches? Anyway, it’s something to see, and you should come see it.

What we have so far:

  • Working XP Bank using scoreboard and command blocks
  • Working protections design and the ability to lock chests with a password (someone opped has to help you, but lots of people are opped)
  • A magical book that teleports ops (which quite a few of you are eligible to be) to different locations
  • A working jail! Just for fun, no one’s going to do anything stupid 🙂
  • A guardian grinder that’s kind of ridiculously fast
  • And there are wolves! And bunnies, and banners, and mutton, and prismarine, a whole SHITLOAD of prismarine from that grinder and NEW MOBS that will hand you your ass on a platter after they carve it off WITH LASERS. You’ll be like hmm, smells like pork OH MY GOD WHERE IS MY ASS.
  • A bunch of new people have recently showed up, and WE ARE GOING TO ADVERTISE. Momentarily. I mean we are right on the edge of it. You can feel it. Mmmhmm.