Holy Plugins! Batman!

By November 28, 2013Blog

Seriously, wow guys! We’ve been working hard behind the scenes as of late! Due to unspeakable acts performed by dotlizard herself, we’ve managed to secure an early build of Spigot, and have been slaving away to provide you a premium service to escape your extended-relatives this thanksgiving in the form of plugins! That’s right, you heard me! PLUGINS! Woo! #confetti.

As of now, most everything should be configured correctly, as we’ve been testing rigourously in a secret underground bunker in an undisclosed location, but there may be a few tweaks needed here and there, so be patient while we spray for bugs. Our base configuration is running on essentials, and everyone should be given most of the usual toys, with the higher ranks getting a few luxuries. We’ll be releasing a guide to all the rank perks and general commands list as soon as we get our act together.

Now, as I stipulated in my last blog post, everyone has been set to the starting rank, Nu. But, we have a brand spanking new application system set up right here on the site! Please go through this for all your promotional needs, as it goes right up our backends and into our faces, so we can’t miss ’em!

Applications lunky link right here!

(You can also find it under the ranks tab up top)

For now, anyone can totally go ahead and apply for any rank they want until we all get settled in. You should be wary though, ’cause although we already know a lot of you, we expect some sort of effort relative to the rank you’re applying for in your application. Higher ranks WILL need to have better quality applications! Guidelines for these will be coming soon. Moderator positions are open too, so if you think you’ve got what it takes to be an awesome member of the team then go right ahead and apply! Note that we’re not only looking for awesome people with cool hairdo’s and sick air guitar skills, but people who will contribute to the atmosphere, community and inject the server with tonnes of sweet ideas!

Now, I have a bit of bad news to stick on the tail end of this sucker, and that’s to do with the world border. Due to our (only very slightly) buggy version of spigot terrain generation is a bit borked. This means that we’ve had to set the world border to 2.5K in every direction from 0, 0 until we can render out a full version of the map with our racks and racks of monkeys. Don’t worry if you were living out past those boundaries before the border, your stuff will still be there, we’re only replacing those chunks that were previously ungenerated, and we’re generating with the same seed, so when we do release the gates you won’t even know the difference! (And hopefully this will provide a lag free experience for everybody when we go exploring, as no new chunks should need to be generated!)

That’s pretty much it for now! Remember to spread the word that we’ve got PLUGINS and we’re here with open arms (and zippers) waiting to receive you!

Godspeed and good luck out there, Campers!

Much love,

Squidly Squiddums the Fourth




  • dotlizard says:

    Known issues:

    The top halves of sunflowers (and other tall new plants) don’t save — you can place them, but they’re going to go away. Never fear, I’m sure mods will go skipping through the sunflower fields sprinkling joy and flowers and whatever else they can sprinkle, as soon as that’s fixed.

    The new fish are in game but the splashy, new fishing mechanics aren’t.

    In a week or so, when the REAL bukkit updates, we’ll be much less hacked-together-with-duct-tape situation, so until then just be patient and enjoy your new /home!

    According to the script my computer will take about a day and a half to render the rest of the map, depending on how many times it catches fire in the process. Those of you made homeless by the world border can shack up with friends, secure in the knowledge that your stuff is safe and intact, in fact, everyone should still have the exact buildings and whatnot that you had on the vanilla map.

    And now it’s four AM (again) and I’m going to go to bed.

  • dotlizard says:

    OH YEAH! LWC! Don’t forget to go and /cprivate your chests. Also, we have coreprotect and worldguard so there is plenty of security.