If I may direct your attention to the donation page, which shows the server’s expenses since its inception, and where the money has come from to pay for it. Some time ago I (Dot) became resigned to just paying for it myself, and so I did. People would offer, but I’d say nah, don’t worry about it.

However, since I am (hopefully temporarily) out of work at the moment and in semi-dire financial straits, I am asking for help. In the info-accordion on the donation page, you’ll find the whole history of the server’s funding, along with links to donate. These donations go DIRECTLY to the hosting provider, and anything over the amount owed for the current month goes into a coffer to pay for future months. This means the ONLY place your donation will go is to the server, it won’t get waylaid by bounced check fees or any of my other current financial snafus.

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