Get Social!

By December 2, 2013Blog

Hey guys, just a friendly reminder that we’re freaking everywhere. It’s pretty much the same content on all formats but posting things all over the place allows us to keep you up to date with what’s happening on the server no matter what medium you choose. So far we’re on Reddit, Facebook and Steam, Twitter will probably come too, as soon as we can find someone to keep it regular. Google+ can go fuck itself.

For best coverage, please join all of them so we can bombard you with lots of notifications whenever we post something on the blog! As for server news, we’re still trying to sort out a stable version of bukkit/spigot and are holding off hotfixing plugins until it sorts its shit out. We’re also looking at a pretty damn awesome stats plugin, but more on that when we actually get it configured and working for everyone. We’re also working hard on fleshing out the website and getting a commands reference for you guys so you know what’s up. In case you’re wondering, we’ve also added some rough guidelines for rank applications on the Ranks page, so you know what we expect of you.

Things are going pretty well on the player front (we hope), and most of you seem to be happy with the plugins we’ve chosen for you. Remember that we’d always love to hear about things you’d like to see on the server, be it plugins, events, or just general shenanigans! Drop us a line on [email protected] or via the contact form on the rules page┬áif you have any concerns or queries deemed too private for general chat, and be sure to keep spreading the word about us to all your mates!

Stay crafty!