At DMZ we have added a variety of plugins to enhance the basic vanilla Minecraft experience with some extra tools. What we’ve tried to do is to craft an environment that encourages mega-building and long-term projects, while keeping the community close no matter how far they scatter on our various maps.

We welcome feedback and suggestions on our plugin offerings, and if you see any errors in this information, please let a mod or admin know!

This is a general overview of features, for specific information and commands, see the plugins page, and for player-built features like grinders, farms, and other goodies, see the In-Game Resources page.

  • JumpClock
    Available for ranks Delta and up, a handy pocketwatch that gives you access to the /jump command
  • Ender Backpack
    Available to all ranks, access your enderchest inventory by clicking this item. Available in the DMZ Exclusives shop at spawn.
  • Potion of Recall
    Gives access to the /back command. Available for sale at Spawn.
  • RedBull
    It gives you wings (which make you a bit dizzy)
  • Parrots
    Ranks Delta and up can get a perma-parrot for their shoulder by typing /parrots
  • Token of Flying
    5 minutes of glorious personal aviation! Available for sale at Spawn.
  • Token of Actual Undying
    5 minutes of godmode. Available for sale at Spawn.
  • The Lootery
    A command block-based game of chance, the most popular feature on our server!
  • Custom recipes
    Sponge, red sand, leads — the list is growing!
  • Spawn Easter Eggs
    Collect the whole set for a fabulous surprise (TBD)
  • Custom Items!
    Wands, tools, weapons — too numerous to list here, must be experienced to be appreciated. Win them in the lootery or by doing challenges, buy them during seasonal events! Be sure to accept the resource pack when you come on, it’s only the custom items and will work alongside whatever pack you’re using.
  • XP Storage
    Put [XPKeeper] on the first line of a sign and store your XP.
  • Silk Spawners
    High-ranking players can collect monster spawners with any silk touch tool (spawners are also available for sale at Spawn)
  • Dynmap
    Live online map with chat!
  • WoodRotator
    Crouch and punch any of the original log types (Oak, Birch, Spruce, Jungle) and it will cycle through the various rotations, including the 6-sided block option. Remember — CROUCH, PUNCH (no axe in your hand). It’s awesome, and all ranks have it.
  • Bukkit Extras
    Fiery and Feller enchantments, wand of trading, lapis elevators, better hoes, and better pigs!
  • Furniture
    Craftable, armor-stand based furniture.
  • Custom Mob Heads
    Available for purchase at Spawn
  • /givepet command
    Reassign ownership of your pets to other players.
  • GriefPrevention
    Self-service area protections
  • CoreProtect
    If something unfortunate does happen, a mod can roll it back, just like it never happened
  • LWC
    Place a chest, it’s protected automatically. Add friends to share chest access
  • WorldGuard
    Protects communal public areas on the server; for large builds and projects mods can give flexible protections and other features.
  • Survival
  • Creative
  • Games
  • Skyblock (just relaunched!)
  • Ender Ender (so much XP)
  • Ultragrinder (Zombie, Skeleton, Blaze)
  • Guardian Grinder / Slime Chunk
  • Gold (Zombie Pigman)
  • Freerange villager farm