The DMZ Server Resource Pack is required to view the textures on legendary items as well as to see the textures on custom blocks. The server pack will not interfere with custom loaded resource packs or textures.  Items require certain flags for the server pack to change their texture.

There are two ways to use the server resource pack.

Preferred Method: Enable the resource pack by selecting “Enable” within the Minecraft server selection screen. To do this select the DMZCraft server in your server list. Next click “Edit” at the bottom of the page. From here select “Enable” on “Server Resource Pack”.

Manul Method: Download the resource pack from this page and place it in your usual Resource Pack folder where you installed Minecraft. Please keep in mind that if you choose to load the resource pack manually you will need to come back to the site and download new versions periodically. When the resource pack is enabled via Minecraft it will update itself automatically. Keep an eye on Twitter for any mention of updates.