DMZ Exclusive Items and Mechanics

DMZCraft has many custom items and mechanics created by our staff and players. Among these items are legendaries, a custom mana system, currency, custom texture blocks, an item cooldown system for custom items, and the addition of particle effects to armor and weapons known as glimmers.

All legendary items and custom blocks have custom textures. These textures are only visible if you have enabled the DMZ Resource Pack on your server selection screen.

Notice: Any custom item that is lost by any means will not be replaced. This includes but is not limited to: thrown tridents, dropped items, items destroyed by lava, items destroyed by cactus, items picked up by monsters, items lost at sea or any other place, items lost on death, etc.


Legendary Items are custom created items for the DMZCraft server. These are items that are looted from naturally spawning chests found in structures—shipwrecks, woodland mansions, buried treasure, end city, etc—throughout the world. Each legendary has a custom feature that is outlined below along with a little clue as to their location. All legendaries give some pretty stellar boosts! Item cooldowns are utilized for some legendary items and are a global item cooldown, meaning any item with a cooldown cannot be used until the cooldown timer is up.

If a chest within a structure is not destroyed when looted it will regenerate the treasure inside over the next 48 hours. The regenerated loot is able to be picked up by other passing players. You are only able to personally loot a chest once.

Custom Blocks

Located through the world you will run into custom blocks that have been placed by staff and player alike. These are possible via our custom datapack and custom resource pack. Keep an eye out!


Bone Reaper

Dark mansions and dark rites. That is what led to the creation of such a device.

Gold Digger

Lost to the caves of the world, this pickaxe is sure to help the rich become... richer.


Abandoned by frightened miners, this pickaxe ignites the world around you.


Space and time hold no sway over this endless tool. It can serve as both creative tool and destructive weapon. There is no end to the usefulness!

Infernal Axe

From fire and iron to death and... fire. These axes were forged in the bowels of hell.



Glacial Shard

Forged from ice and steel, this weapon is favored among those in cold climates.


Nomadic wanderers have often feared sandstorms, but some have managed to harness it's power into a weapon.


Avast! Me parrot's run off with me booty!

Rain Bow

A wayward group of sailors were set upon by phantoms when a lowly deckhand prayed for salvation. The gods of the sea answered gaily.

Shulker Shot

Crafted from the shells of shulkers, these bows aim true. Distance is of no consequence.

Star Shot

Powered by plasma from star located at the end of time, this bow charges it's arrows for a rather flashy effect.

Neptune's Trident

Travel the winds of the sea and strike with the power of the storm!

Pluto's Trident

Strike true with the power of the underworld. Hell hath no fury.



Arcanium Set

Crafted by the most magical of villagers for their most magical of brethren, this armor is often worn by evokers... or stored in their closets.

Mythril Set

Unlike mithril, this armor is crafted for one purpose: to overcome the frosty climate and speed up the bloodflow!

Graceless Talaria

Worn by many demigods and gods alike, these sandals are the stuff of legends. Word has it they took off on their own into the sky...


Crafted by blacksmiths, these pieces of 'armor' have many uses.. including starting a duel when used to slap a foe.



















Scholar's Curio

Vampire's Curio

Wings of Icarus


Carefully crafted from various materials, these are masterful pieces of work from many a village jewler!



Information coming soon.

  • Arcane
  • Ash
  • Blackmist
  • Bluemist
  • Bubble
  • Conduit Covered
  • Confetti
  • Critical
  • Deadshot
  • Diamond Encrusted
  • Dragon Energy
  • Emerald Infused
  • Extraplanar
  • Fizzy
  • Greenmist
  • Heavenly
  • Indigomist
  • Inferno
  • Iron Curtain
  • Lapis Love
  • Midas Touch
  • Orangemist
  • Pinkmist
  • Redmist
  • Redstone Ready
  • Slimed
  • Smoke Screen
  • Vapor
  • Violetmist
  • Whitemist
  • Yellowmist



Information coming soon.



Information coming soon.