Mitigating the crashiness

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We’re hardy pioneers who bravely play on the bleeding edge of things, and we expect a little crashiness from time to time, but not like this. While we research what will almost certainly fix itself in the next snapshot, we’ve taken some steps to mitigate the nonsense.

  1. We have turned off mob spawning. A mob duplication bug **may** be causing hundreds upon hundreds of entities to clump in one place, so we turned ’em all off to see if the crashing stops.
  2. We have set it so the server reboots once an hour, so if it does crash and no console admins are around to reboot it, it’ll start back up at the top of the hour. So the worst you ever have to wait is less than 59 minutes. And probably much less than that. However,

There are no warnings before it reboots.

So if it goes ‘server closed’ and it’s the top of the hour, you know it’s only one of the standard bootings and not an actual crash.

And by next Wednesday I’m sure this will all be moot anyway, they’re working on optimizes and this week’s batch of things to make Minecraft faster, made it crash more? That’s the working theory anyway.

So it should be much, much better now, and even better than that in another three days. Yay, it’s better!




It’s not REALLY dangerous, you know

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OK, there was a rough week there but this latest snapshot, 30c, is VASTLY improved. Any of you that were having trouble should get on back here and check it out, it’s worth seeing. Mojang is really knocking it out of the park as far as bug-fixes and a rework of the lighting engine. There’s about 99% less ugly dark corner glitches now, which is quite beautiful, and chunks *almost* render in the correct order!


I am on my son’s computer, a solid gaming PC, and it just doesn’t work over 10. Yours may be able to go higher BUT 10 is a pretty safe bet. Do that before you get here, you’ll be happy you did and things look so much better. Hasn’t Minecraft *always* had those lighting glitches? Anyway, it’s something to see, and you should come see it.

What we have so far:

  • Working XP Bank using scoreboard and command blocks
  • Working protections design and the ability to lock chests with a password (someone opped has to help you, but lots of people are opped)
  • A magical book that teleports ops (which quite a few of you are eligible to be) to different locations
  • A working jail! Just for fun, no one’s going to do anything stupid 🙂
  • A guardian grinder that’s kind of ridiculously fast
  • And there are wolves! And bunnies, and banners, and mutton, and prismarine, a whole SHITLOAD of prismarine from that grinder and NEW MOBS that will hand you your ass on a platter after they carve it off WITH LASERS. You’ll be like hmm, smells like pork OH MY GOD WHERE IS MY ASS.
  • A bunch of new people have recently showed up, and WE ARE GOING TO ADVERTISE. Momentarily. I mean we are right on the edge of it. You can feel it. Mmmhmm.



It’s Vanilla! What do we do?

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This is a different sort of vanilla, and we’ve got some new tools and abilities to ease the pain of playing without plugins. You can have area protections and chest protections, and anyone who’s opped (and that’s all of the mods, most of the gammas, and some of the deltas probably as well) can create these things.

We trust that you’re all mature enough not to abuse the power of OP. We’re still playing survival minecraft so unless it’s a special project, don’t use creative mode. Don’t OP each other, leave that to console-level admins. Try not to do too much /tp’ing, but do help others who *need* a tp. Also, LEARN TO USE THE TELEPORT SYSTEM. And GET YOURSELF A TELEPORT TO VANILLAPORT. It will make your playing life SO much easier.

If you, against all good advice and reasoning, built any structures that depend entirely on the use of lapis elevators, we can install command blocks that do the same thing. Note: relative coordinates use ~, so an elevator going up 50 blocks would be /tp @p ~0 50 ~0. Use buttons rather than pressure plates.

I’ve started a to-do list thread and encourage any of you who are interested in helping out to join in. Once we get our bearings, we’ll advertise and get new players.

We’re going to need to keep a good reference of things we learn. Shall we use the reddit wiki, or our forum here?


How to update your client to the snapshot version

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First of all, be calm, we can always revert. Secondly, when you launch Minecraft, stay calm. Look in the lower left corner, where it says Profile? Make a new one.

Make a new profile

Yay! A new profile!

Remain calm, and give your profile a name. Snapshot is fine. Check the box for using developmental versions. There will be a warning. Accept the danger. Select “use latest version” and save. Give your profile a name. Snapshot is fine. Check the box for using developmental versions. There will be a warning. Accept the danger. Select "use latest version" and save. And you’re done! While continuing to remain calm, come and play with us at We’ll shortly put up the Creative map on!

snapshot snapshot snapshot snapshot

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And no, we’re not really there yet. But I’m going to make a checklist of things we’ll want to do to prepare to go vanilla, as soon as these snapshots get a wee bit more stable. You know, get your favorite animals out of animal tags, workarounds for lapis elevators, getting your teleports set up, all that.


fixes & optimizations & stuff like that

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On the website front, I’ve disabled most of the social networky thingy and left the forums, which I’m now working on getting the navigation to make sense again, if it ever did. WordPress upgraded itself and I finally made a child theme and upgraded our theme theme and none of this means much to pretty much anyone but trust me, it was important. I’ve also worked and worked and worked and I’m a little tired, so be patient with me?

Wanna go snapshot anyone? Anyone?

it’s 3 am, and i have a plan NEW PLAN

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UPDATE: There are new terrain gen possibilities BUT if you leave it default, it still gives you the same terrain 1.7x gives you — translation: no reason we can’t keep this map. Gonna keep it. Like we promised. So let’s review options:

If we update AT ALL, we lose plugins. Updating to 1.7.x, we can keep most of them, but we’d lose the non-updating ones. We’re going to lose those eventually anyway, so it’s just a matter of when. Some things will be replaced but not right away. Things we’d be going without: multi-world support, lapis elevators and all the bukkitextras stuff, and other things I can’t think of at the moment.

If we don’t update to 1.7.9 (or anything above 1.7.6), we appear offline to anyone who updated their client, unless they login under an older profile.

If we update right now to the snapshot, we lose ALL plugins but we gain the new slimeblocks (and all that that entails), the new stone, the new command block possibilities, and the excitement of a new version with new things. And we get the plugins back as soon as they update.

Pardon me for rambling, I’ve been websiting and it’s kind of eaten my brain.

So YAY MOJANG has thrown yet another AWESOME surprise our way, in the form of guess what, terrain generation! Oh shit, the map, YOU PROMISED dot! I can hear you now, and that’s what you’re thinking.

Fear not, dear fear-y people, for I have a plan.

You see, the terrain generation change comes along with a VERY hot new custom terrain customizer for customizations and shit. And if we may pause a moment to digress, I think the direction this is headed is very exciting, from the perspective of someone who likes to tinker with maps & gameplay & such. But back to the matter at hand. I promised everyone continuity, now what?

Well, remember that Diaspora thing I talked about before?

Not exactly like that, no. We’ll have to flee the planet, so to speak, in order to continue civilization as we wish to know it. But as server admins we have quite a mastery of time and relative dimension in space, far more than most diaspora-having tribes, and we’re going to take a whole shitload of the current world with us, as islands in a vast ocean, location of ocean TBD, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.

But that’s something that happens when the full version comes out, so what do we do now? Our future is not of this world, yet we languish here, feeling the doomed-ness in the air. But we are men and women of action, this languishing does not become us. Let’s do something drastic, why not?

We can do a temp map in the snapshot because SO MANY COOL NEW THINGS and then the minute the terrain gen is stable, we can get started on our permanent new home including the VERY LARGE and probably somewhat painstaking surgery of dismantling our largest builds and re-creating them as the Mystical Past Islands that we’ll be able to visit as soon as we’ve gotten settled in our new world.

Bottom line, I’m giving you guys continuity if I have to copy it in a hundred small segments, one by one, by myself. Because I promised. But for now, you wanna go have some fun in a brave new world? We can bring over a PODS storage of stuff we’ve been hoarding for the update, what do you say?

Edit: look! LOOK!

Still Alive!

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/catchy tune.

What can we say, it’s been a long time since we last spoke. We’re sorry, how have you been? No, seriously, tell us about it. We’d love to hear from all of you again!

Lately we’ve noticed the ennui setting in regarding staleness, and in return seeing the player count drop off because of this. We’re not mad, honestly. It means you’re out doing (hopefully productive) things, and as we’ve always said, “Real Life Comes First!” (not an official motto).

Of course we ourselves are no saints when it comes to being online, what with SpokenSquid and his university degree, dotlizard and her actual Job thingy, and whatever Zack is doing these days, we’ve all kind of dropped the ball recently. We’re truly sorry for this, but we do try and pop our heads in the door now and again, and will try and do so more frequently now that we have a bit of extra time on our hands. We hope you will do the same.


As for developments since the last post, we’ve actually had quite a few, most notably being the new additions to the moderator team! A big congratulation goes out to MIllgate10Mark10, Mule_is_my_name and Ieatbrekfast, all well deserving of their new rank for their dedication to DMZCraft.

Relating to this, we are currently looking to restructure the mod team as part of some updates we’re planning on rolling out over the next few weeks. So you might start seeing some people around with a Teal name in chat. These will be people that have earned the new rank of Omega. This rank is reserved solely for mods, so you can’t apply for it. These guys won’t have all the powers Alphas or Betas have, but they will be treated to a permanent subscription to all the donor perks, and will still be regarded as veteran players and key members of the community. They just won’t be full blown moderators – you should still listen to them though!

If you guys would like some convincing to come back online, Myself, dotlizard and the Betas have taken over development of Tricadia from Woparsons (shh, he doesn’t know yet), and there has been some fervent building going on, with more planned for the next few weeks. You’re welcome to give your ideas for additions, even building them in creative to be mirrored in the survival world!

We believe Cyphrus has made some excellent developments on his ship build, I know he’s finished the exterior and is now working on the interior spaces – His restaurant/dancefloor area is looking freaking amazing.

ItsProdigal has also been experimenting a lot with craftbook and redstone, and has managed to create some fantastic contraptions – most of all his 100% automatic tree farm. This thing is a sight to behold


As for server developments, we’re still looking at how we’re going to be dealing with the 1.8 update. A lot of things are going to change when this rolls out, most notably the changes to the way minecraft handles user identification. This change pretty much means everything will be broken. Like, everything. Due to this, we’re exploring several options for when 1.8 rolls out:

  • A) We switch to a whitelisted vanilla server until everything becomes stable. We can either keep this map, or go to a temporary freshly generated map.
  • B) We use a distilled development/snapshot version of bukkit that will be very stripped down functionality-wise (and possibly quite buggy) – keeping the current map.
  • C) We say “Screw that” to 1.8 and stick with the current server state until we can get a stable build of bukkit going.

We’d like to hear your feedback on this, so please vote on the poll we’ll be adding soon.

As always please send us your feedback on changes you’d like to see, complaints about other players or simply juicy gossip (I hear SpokenSquid has a cute butt!), and don’t forget we have forums that you guys can feel free to use, seriously, they’re just sitting there. And keep those rank applications rolling in, we love seeing them!


Ta for now,


If this was a poll, would you vote in it? Also, what should we do?

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Vanillaport & 1.8

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First, we don’t know when 1.8 is due to hit and we don’t think it’s going to be right away, BUT, we are getting ready anyway. The current plan is to update as soon as it happens, and go vanilla. This means doing without our lovely plugins, yes, but we suspect it might take a good bit of time for them to update. To give you an example, Spigot hasn’t even released an official 1.7.x build yet, we’re still on the development version!

To ease the discomfort of “rouging it” in vanilla Minecraft, we’re currently preparing a command-block based warp hub, out near the edge of the current map. It’ll have warps to all the active warps we have now (in the Survival world, anyway), and a nice head shop in port to welcome you. Each destination will have a warp going back to the hub, so you should be able to zip around pretty quickly.

You can choose from these pre-designed “back to the hub” portals, or make one yourself. Feel free to ask for portals to builds that you are actively working on, or anything you find convenient. We’ll have some quick biome warps, and of course the random teleporter will have a fresh set of numbers to pick your random destination from! Here are some of the pre-designed portals, for your viewing pleasure: