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Free Perk Weekend #2 is in progress, and other news.

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Edit: FPW #2 is now over! Thanks for playing! Stay tuned for next weekends free perk: Double XP!

Beginning midnight, 12/20 and running through Sunday night (EST), we are featuring “Heads ‘n’ Hoes” for your Minecrafting pleasure.

Heads means that not only will the chance of heads dropping be increased substantially, but player heads will drop as well! Collect the whole set, it’ll be a delightful weekend filled with slaughter. And remember, you can’t spell laughter without slaughter.

Hoes, means that your hoes are now much more useful implements of farming doom. You can now use them to speed-apply bonemeal from your inventory, and to harvest a 3-block-wide swath without disturbing any immature crops.

In other news:

  • New perma-perks: start looking for the Feller enchantment on axes (practically vaporizes trees), and the Fiery enchantment (smelt-as-you-mine) on picks.
  • If you lost anything in the world inventory merge, please advise a mod and you’ll be reimbursed.

New Recipes!

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By popular demand, I’ve loosened up considerably on these, and re-created the screenshots in default as was suggested.

Multiple recipes did yield the appropriate amounts in testing, but the transaction may not give you the same feedback. Check your inventory; it’ll be there.

recipesAnd yes, the chiseled stone really is that expensive.