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The relaunch of Skyblock

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The skyblock world has been around for years now, always almost, but not quite, ready. Is anything ever really ready though? I’m sure some things are, but those things never seem to be on DMZ, so the new philosophy is “screw waiting for perfect readiness, let’s play this game now.” The challenge system command blocks are all updated and Tier 5A and 5B have been added, featuring new and improved challenge books (with clickable navigation and indexes!). Two of the Tier 5A challenges take place in Skyblock’s guardian tank (!!), and Tier 5C will include several mansion-related quests. It’s all original Skyblock content, no special plugins or world generators. Islands belonging to long-vanished players have been reset (most of them not only vanished from DMZ, but from Minecraft in general — I checked). Many of you still have islands (some have more than one!), but there are ample vacancies on all of the difficulty levels.

You can see which islands are available on the dynmap, take a look at the new improved challenges here, and request an island here.

We’re also done waiting for the rest of everything to be “ready” so that we can advertise. Not the paid-for kind of advertising, just the running around listing ourselves in various forums and subreddits and whatnot — ready or not, that is going to happen within the next couple of days. Despite our distinct lack of visible staff, I feel confident that we can handle a fair amount of new players. The documentation (here, on the website) is pretty solid, the plugins are behaving, the command blocks are … commanding blocks, and we have a really great little server here that has had a ton of work put into it. A fuckton of work, in fact. Way too much work to be wasting it waiting for whatever we’ve been waiting for.

OK, I’ve got to go move a mansion and automate some illagers and whatnot. But … Skyblock! Now! OK? OK.

New World, New Spawn, Brand-new Minecraft

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To say the staff has been working overtime is putting it mildly. The core team of new spawn planners and configurators have been working our brains off. In the past few days, we have had people falling asleep on keyboards, hearing voices and stuff, it’s nuts. Literally. But we’ve just gotten to the point where the tools Minecraft and the associated plugin-coding community have to offer are getting really good, at the same time we’ve all been at it for years now and we’re actually starting to get the hang of this — you should come see, and play.

We have put together a set of features and plugins that keep getting better everyday — we had a few interesting moments earlier this evening due to a wayward pig that crashed the entire server repeatedly for about a half an hour (I’m not even kidding) — but aside from that we’ve been quite solid and we are running the very latest version of Minecraft available. Updates happen regularly and are getting much, much smoother — most you won’t even notice. Server performance is the best it’s ever been, features and documentation are the best they’ve ever been.

The dynmap is live, the Lootery is completely overhauled, we’ve got logs with bark on all 6 sides and a neatly-organized, navigable Spawn with almost everything you can get in minecraft (and a few things you can’t). We have custom recipes, alphabet heads, XP banking, 3 kinds of protection, and a new player rank that can fly. We’ve kept our player numbers up enough to get more random new visitors popping in from various lists of servers, so we even had to put together this handy FAQ. And our 3rd birthday was November 10th of this year, so we’ve made it past the terrible twos!

Join us!


Dynmap is back! (Oh, and we have Spigot too)

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Remember all your old /homes? They’re back! And so is LWC and it remembers things too! Command blocks might be kinda not working,but we’ll have that fixed in a minute or two.

We used the old, very ancient files from Essentials Group Manager so your rank may not reflect any recent promotions given during the Vanilla or the Rainbow time, but ask a mod and we’ll fix you up!

I have to run to work but I’ll be online later. I’m afk’ing right now to keep the map rendering — IT’S BIG, Y’ALL!



Skyblock: we haven’t given up

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As you may or may not know, we have a spare server set up, and a few of us have been working on setting up a vanilla skyblock server. The islands are arranged as you see below, in four sections — Easy, Medium, Hard, and Extreme. There are corresponding warps at spawn, and there will be challenges with automated rewards and ranks! But we’re still working on it.


Any of you feel like learning more about command blocks? Volunteers are welcome! smallergrid.fw


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We’re going to add everyone that’s played up until the moment we go whitelist, which should be some time today, August 14th. So if you’ve been on, you’re in, but be on notice that we’re fed up with the thefts and intend to weed out anyone who is less than scrupulously honest. Also, NEW RULE: do not open other people’s chests. If it’s not yours, don’t open it, unless you’re directly given permission. Not even just to look. One of the things about all of us being used to chests being locked, is that apparently many of us don’t know how to act when they’re not locked. Hint: just like in real life, you don’t go over to their house and start rummaging in their drawers. So if anyone starts opening chests in your house and won’t stop when you tell them (wtf is up with that anyway?), get an OP over there as soon as possible. Violators observed opening chests that don’t belong to them should be teleported to 9, 9, 9 until they can coherently explain why what they were doing was wrong and how they will never, ever do it again. Second offense is ban.

Ops are on notice as well, anyone abusing the privilege will lose it. You are all given an extraordinary level of trust in order to enjoy free access to seriously cool game mechanics, and because you care about the server and sincerely want to make it a better place. This means taking the time to check on players. With the new no-chest-opening rule, it will be very clear to you who is behaving badly if you are following them. Make sure everyone knows the rule and that we are watching! If they know the rule and they are still opening chests, they are doing it to take stuff. If they want to give each other permission they had better communicate it very clearly. That clan membership thing y’all have going on is a very good way to accomplish that. And from now on, new members will be pre-screened so you’ll be much safer inviting them to join your group.

Let’s be clear — clans, not factions. We’re never going to be raiding each other, ever. Unless y’all want to build a big arena like a hunger games and scatter the players and have a war or something. That would be cool. But we’ll never have an environment where you are not safe in your own home.

The ideal environment to play Minecraft in is one where you can relax and trust each other. It’s a much, much nicer atmosphere than one in which behavior is controlled by plugins, and whether or not you are safe depends on buggy software implemented by an all-volunteer staff in their spare time. We don’t want to have to lock the place down just so that we can enjoy building cool stuff without having chests full of months’ worth of work emptied out.

The whitelist application is here.

snapshot snapshot snapshot snapshot

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And no, we’re not really there yet. But I’m going to make a checklist of things we’ll want to do to prepare to go vanilla, as soon as these snapshots get a wee bit more stable. You know, get your favorite animals out of animal tags, workarounds for lapis elevators, getting your teleports set up, all that.


1.8 recipes available in 1.7x!

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As you may have heard, 1.8 will bring vanilla crafting recipes for mossy stone brick, mossy cobble, and chiselled stone — but why wait? We already had these recipes, I’ve just added Mojang’s version (substantially cheaper, like by a really huge bit).

In addition, there have been rumors of the upcoming unavailability of a very wonderful block, the double slab. Since all this block ever did was try to make people happy, we’ve introduced a recipe to craft the double slab with two slabs, which should have been part of the game and for some reason, hasn’t been. Well hmmph. We can have it now, and for as long as we can before they wrestle it away from us!