Sad news.

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Update: Click for information: Memorial Bike Ride   Obituary


Hi folks. I don’t know how to begin to share this with you, and this is certainly the last thing I want to be telling you. Karen Kelly, known to us as dotlizard, has passed away at the age of 57. I’m sorry to say I don’t have a lot of details, but we know that she had recently been ill and cause of death is still unknown. Tragically, dot’s last months in this world were not kind to her. As many of you know, she had recently been evicted and was living in her van, and the heat and bad air quality meant that she had a lot of difficulty breathing. Many of the friends she made on Minecraft reached out and assisted with purchasing her a laptop and battery, which she was so thankful for. I’m grateful that she was able to stay connected with people she cherished.

I became friends with dot when I joined MCNSA in 2012. I make no claims that I knew her any better than any of you, but I considered dot a close friend and confidant—someone I turned to when I felt like I needed an adult. Despite her hardships, dot was unflappable. She maintained an unfailingly upbeat attitude about her life which I always admired. She was stubborn and opinionated, yet equally generous, compassionate, and caring. She had many passions in life— writing (I’m sure she’d have written this much better—sorry dot), design, cycling, data mining, researching, health, ice cream, and of course Minecraft. She was the mastermind behind the creation of DMZ founded by dot, Matt(SpokenSquid) and Zack(Leonheart515). Dot considered MCNSA and DMZ her home, and every member of the community a family member. She made our community what it is and she will be sorely missed. Her shoes are simply too big to fill, and I will never attempt to. k0nker and I will, however, keep her server alive in her honor, with the help of Evil_K9, maboughey, and all the other admins.

Her friend and employer at Sepse Creek Collective, Chelsea Sutula, is assisting in making arrangements. She will be cremated and her friends plan to scatter some of her ashes at the beach in Ventura, California where she lived. Donations toward funeral expenses are being accepted at This is an old gofundme her family created, but is still active.

In case dotty somehow never managed to tell you, she was an avid cyclist. For that reason, a memorial bike ride will be held in Ventura on October 14th. If any of you live in the area and wish to participate please reach out to sawarahh or k0nker and we’ll help connect you with more details.

For those of us who knew her online, we will have a digital memorial on DMZ on Saturday, October 6th at 8PM CST. Please feel free to stop by DMZ any time. Dot welcomed all walks of life in our community, and it will remain always an open door.

I love you guys.


Website… v1091510?

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‘ello DMZers,

You may notice that things look a little bit different! Okay… a-lot-a-bit different. sawarahh and I have been hard at work getting the website updated with all of the new information, including but not limited to:

  • Ranks
  • Rules
  • DMZ Exclusives
  • Worlds
  • Merger Information
  • Staff Information
  • Builds Spotlight
  • Player Screenshots
  • Many many other things

You will notice that some of the pages are not yet updated. This is an ongoing process and is likely to take a bit for us both to get to all of the pages and update them with current information.  So far the top three pages listed are the most complete and accurate. Hope to see you all in-game!


We’re Live

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1.13 has been released, and now loads into the 1.13 world. Plugins are slowly coming along, so this is a limited world. When you load in to spawn, there will be a few survival items. Please take a bed – remember, use the bed to set a home.

Everyone will start with a clean slate. This is the official map, so everything you build from here on out remains. For those of you that were grinding and saving up with the expectation of transporting your items to 1.13, there will be an option for you coming in a month or so. Stay tuned.

Keep an eye out for all new Legendary items, which are now only obtainable by exploring loot chests across the map. You will also notice DMZdots in loot chests and rarely in mob drops – this is our new currency. You might want to save those.

Keep an eye out here as well as in game with the command /updates for any changes.

Coming soon:
DMZ Spawn and Warps Hub
DMZ Plaza (Shops)

Coming later:
– Quests
– Games World

The State of Plugins

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‘ello DMZers.

Today I am going to do a little talk about the state of plugins we use and where we are at as we get closer to 1.13.

As most everybody is aware, big updates (like 1.13) break a lot of plugins and require some time before we get the server upgraded due to our dependence on things like LWC, WorldGuard, CoreProtect, CraftBukkit, etc.  Some plugins are just outright abandoned.  As 1.13 approaches, you will notice some plugins changing over to newer versions (this happens all the time anyhow) and some plugins being replaced.  One of the plugins that is going to be replaced is GroupManager.

GroupManager is a plugin from the days of yore. It was a core part of the Essentials group that controlled permissions and ranks.  Sadly it was abandoned years ago but did receive bugfix updates over time.  The latest was when Essentials was abandoned and then picked up and renamed EssentialsX.  The developer of EssentialsX did a small update to GroupManager in order to get it working with the newest releases.  However things are not looking for for GroupManager and 1.13.  The developer has publicly stated that they are not updating the plugin.  In light of that news, we will be moving over to another permission plugin called LuckPerms.  I am transferring our current rank system over with and will be testing it locally before doing any server changes.

As we discover plugins that either wont be updated or will take some finagling and time, I will post an update here for all to see.

Stay tuned and get your build on! 🙂

DMZ: Tomorrow Never Dies

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‘ello DMZers.

This is a server related follow-up to dot’s post here.

As you can probably tell, DMZCraft was down intermittently at the end of the week last week. Due to some server wonkiness we had to switch off to get our dots (har har) in a row. But now it’s working! Yatta!

DMZCraft has moved into it’s new home: a server hosted with our new family member, MCNSA, by a very patient and kind gentle-father called Evil_k9 (he’s really not that evil, I swear). This server blows our previous host out of the water in terms of power and serviceability. As you log in you will see that the world is as it was and things are working again. Something different you will notice is going to be the addition of members of staff and regular players over the next few weeks and months. Staff additions are members of MCNSA that are part of a sort of team-up. Like the Avengers… or Justice League if you prefer DC.

Please note that this means we no longer need server donations for upkeep. Hence the DO NOT DONATE notification upon login to the server.

The upcoming 1.13 patch and server deployment will be a fresh start in a lot of ways.  We will get into the specifics as to what it holds for us in the coming weeks, so stay tuned and get your build on 🙂

This is not a drill

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Please do not make any donations to the coffer at NFO servers, we are going to move to an in-house sever being run by the MCNSA folks, which has stats that make our server look like a toaster by comparison. 20 cores, 40 threads, 192GB memory (we currently have 4 cores and 4GB).

So as you know, things were pretty financially grim for me for a good long time. The only reason I made it this far was that I had the world’s most understanding landlady. That’s had, past tense. She passed away rather suddenly, not too long ago.

She left her considerable fortune to a local cultural organization, which hired property managers. The property managers said the new owners couldn’t let us continue with the payment plan we were on, and demanded it all at once. As you can imagine, we didn’t have it.

So I’ve been evicted. I’m right now in between the time they get the judgment, and the time they set the date for the sheriff to come and boot me out. Kurtwood found a place and moved already, I’m just waiting for the end and trying to get my ex’s van registered and smogged because that will be better than the alternative, which would be, not having a van to sleep in.

Turns out, what we were paying here is about what people will rent a room in a house for, and I can’t even afford that right now. Things hopefully will improve once I get through these unproductive panic-attack filled final few days.

So I can’t guarantee that I will be able to cover the server cost, though I will certainly try. I can’t face losing this too. After I move into the van I probably won’t be able to play for awhile, but I do plan on buying a laptop and I can charge things at work and then use them at night so I hope it won’t be too long that I can’t play.

Because I feel kind of … falling-off-a-cliff-y, I … ok, this is going to sound weird … it’s like, if I don’t get back for awhile I wanted there to be something of mine that … was still there? If that makes sense. To that end, in my “spare” time, I’m doing my best to keep DotScape updated for 1.13. It’s here, and there’s an add-on pack to make the dark stuff (you’ll know what I mean when you see it) light. It only works in 1.13 (

So anyway, I’m going to go get ready to do DMV stuff and put my good bicycle on Craigslist and hope for the best.