1.8 recipes available in 1.7x!

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As you may have heard, 1.8 will bring vanilla crafting recipes for mossy stone brick, mossy cobble, and chiselled stone — but why wait? We already had these recipes, I’ve just added Mojang’s version (substantially cheaper, like by a really … Continued

Version 1.8

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The next version will be amazing, and the terrain gen is identical — we’ll be on this map for a long time, go ahead and plan big!

Rock out with your clock out

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Now that Jumpto weekend is going to be a regular thing, we’ve got tools to make it more awesome. Regular clocks won’t work, but there’s a chest in Spawn containing “special” clocks — JumpClocks. Use these to right click where … Continued

All kinds of little upgrades

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The social networking thingy should be almost usable* now, the dynmap is tentatively back online, some new pages have been added to the site and the navigation is undergoing a bit of a re-working.   *by “almost” I mean, it’s … Continued

New Recipes!

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UPDATE: By popular demand, I’ve loosened up considerably on these, and re-created the screenshots in default as was suggested. Multiple recipes did yield the appropriate amounts in testing, but the transaction may not give you the same feedback. Check your … Continued


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WorldBorders are expanded. Terrain is genning.  Fishing mechanics work. Flowers work. Brewing underwater potions works. Charcoal works. IT’S THE REAL DEAL.