About DMZ

DMZ was founded November 10, 2013 by dotlizard¬†(Karen) along with SpokenSquid (Matt) and Leonheart515 (Zack). The server can be quiet at times, and although we tend to like it that way, we’re always working to liven things up and have been putting an enormous amount of work into revamping our plugins, getting rid of lag, and offering awesome features and DMZCraft exclusives.

dotlizard was the primary owner of the server and passed away late September of 2018. We will always try to uphold the spirit that she put into our wonderful little community.

Dot’s Mission

To create a Minecraft-oriented community based on simple principles: we value integrity and behaving decently, and we reward these things with trust and openness. We don’t like bullies and we won’t tolerate heavy-handed trollishness very long, but we won’t lose our sense of humor over it. We won’t put up with staff abusing power at the expense of player experience, but we ask that you are patient and respectful in return.

We also value great gameplay, creativity, and good communication skills — and we reward these things with promotions, but not when we feel the time is right, it’s up to you to decide when you’re ready to move up in the community. On Survival, that means applying.

All players are encouraged to open discussions about current server ethics, you will never get in trouble for asking an honest question.

We never sell ranks or privileges, and recently the server was relocated to an admin’s actual house. That means we rely on him keeping his lights on!¬†Donations are always welcome, and will only ever be used to directly contribute to the continued existence of the server.