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August 2014


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We’re going to add everyone that’s played up until the moment we go whitelist, which should be some time today, August 14th. So if you’ve been on, you’re in, but be on notice that we’re fed up with the thefts and intend to weed out anyone who is less than scrupulously honest. Also, NEW RULE: do not open other people’s chests. If it’s not yours, don’t open it, unless you’re directly given permission. Not even just to look. One of the things about all of us being used to chests being locked, is that apparently many of us don’t know how to act when they’re not locked. Hint: just like in real life, you don’t go over to their house and start rummaging in their drawers. So if anyone starts opening chests in your house and won’t stop when you tell them (wtf is up with that anyway?), get an OP over there as soon as possible. Violators observed opening chests that don’t belong to them should be teleported to 9, 9, 9 until they can coherently explain why what they were doing was wrong and how they will never, ever do it again. Second offense is ban.

Ops are on notice as well, anyone abusing the privilege will lose it. You are all given an extraordinary level of trust in order to enjoy free access to seriously¬†cool game mechanics, and because you care about the server and sincerely want to make it a better place. This means taking the time to check on players. With the new no-chest-opening rule, it will be very clear to you who is behaving badly if you are following them. Make sure everyone knows the rule and that we are watching! If they know the rule and they are still opening chests, they are doing it to take stuff. If they want to give each other permission they had better communicate it very clearly. That clan membership thing y’all have going on is a very good way to accomplish that. And from now on, new members will be pre-screened so you’ll be much safer inviting them to join your group.

Let’s be clear — clans, not factions. We’re never going to be raiding each other, ever. Unless y’all want to build a big arena like a hunger games and scatter the players and have a war or something. That would be cool. But we’ll never have an environment where you are not safe in your own home.

The ideal environment to play Minecraft in is one where you can relax and trust each other. It’s a much, much¬†nicer atmosphere than one in which behavior is controlled by plugins, and whether or not you are safe depends on buggy software implemented by an all-volunteer staff in their spare time. We don’t want to have to lock the place down just so that we can enjoy building cool stuff without having chests full of months’ worth of work emptied out.

The whitelist application is here.

Mitigating the crashiness

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We’re hardy pioneers who bravely play on the bleeding edge of things, and we expect a little crashiness from time to time, but not like this. While we research what will almost certainly fix itself in the next snapshot, we’ve taken some steps to mitigate the nonsense.

  1. We have turned off mob spawning. A mob duplication bug **may** be causing hundreds upon hundreds of entities to clump in one place, so we turned ’em all off to see if the crashing stops.
  2. We have set it so the server reboots once an hour, so if it does crash and no console admins are around to reboot it, it’ll start back up at the top of the hour. So the worst you ever have to wait is less than 59 minutes. And probably much less than that. However,

There are no warnings before it reboots.

So if it goes ‘server closed’ and it’s the top of the hour, you know it’s only one of the standard bootings and not an actual crash.

And by next Wednesday I’m sure this will all be moot anyway, they’re working on optimizes and this week’s batch of things to make Minecraft faster, made it crash more? That’s the working theory anyway.

So it should be much, much better now, and even better than that in another three days. Yay, it’s better!