rest in peace.

dotlizard's memorial service


1.14 is here!

Foxes! Woot!


We'll miss you, dotty. Love, all of us


Everyone hates phantoms.



Go to them! Look in the chests! You'll find cool stuff there. You might even find a Legendary!


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Sad news.

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Update: Click for information: Memorial Bike Ride   Obituary   Hi folks. I don’t know how to begin to share this with you, and this is certainly the last thing I want to…

Website… v1091510?

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'ello DMZers, You may notice that things look a little bit different! Okay... a-lot-a-bit different. sawarahh and I have been hard at work getting the website updated with all of…

We’re Live

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1.13 has been released, and now loads into the 1.13 world. Plugins are slowly coming along, so this is a limited world. When you load in to spawn, there…

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