If you’ve read the guidelines and are ready to move up, tell us all about it! The higher the rank, the more elaborate the application (but you knew that, right? Right!?).

If you are well-known to the site owners from other games or servers, yes, that is an acceptable reason to ask us to adjust your rank to something commensurate with that. This includes mod ranks.

Otherwise, see the guidelines for approximate playtime / membership length / other qualities.

If you’re an Upsilon looking to get promoted back, an apology is a good start. Fill out an application for Nu.

If you have screenshots, please upload them to an imgur gallery and put the link in the “gallery link” field.

In your application, please give us some examples that would warrant your promotion. We are looking for someone who:

  • Plays frequently
  • Helps the community
  • Is generally cool to be around

Please allow up to 2 weeks for a decision before asking a mod/admin about your application.

Thank you!

Promotion Application

If you have some screenshots of impressive builds or projects you've been involved in, you can submit an imgur gallery link, or just upload the images here.