New Recipes!

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UPDATE: By popular demand, I’ve loosened up considerably on these, and re-created the screenshots in default as was suggested. Multiple recipes did yield the appropriate amounts in testing, but the transaction may not give you the same feedback. Check your … Continued

No Dice

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Edit 2: Server’s back up and everything should be working okay. Dot and Squid are looking into what happened and how to prevent it in the future! Thanks for your patience! We’re currently experiencing some technical difficulties. I tried to … Continued

Get Social!

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Hey guys, just a friendly reminder that we’re freaking everywhere. It’s pretty much the same content on all formats but posting things all over the place allows us to keep you up to date with what’s happening on the server … Continued


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WorldBorders are expanded. Terrain is genning.  Fishing mechanics work. Flowers work. Brewing underwater potions works. Charcoal works. IT’S THE REAL DEAL. 

Holy Plugins! Batman!

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Seriously, wow guys! We’ve been working hard behind the scenes as of late! Due to unspeakable acts performed by dotlizard herself, we’ve managed to secure an early build of Spigot, and have been slaving away to provide you a premium … Continued

Look! A thing!

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Hey guys! So I’ve decided it’s time to make our first proper post, and I’d like to start off by saying WELCOME! We’ve seen such a warm response from players wanting a taste of 1.7.2, to rekindle the flame of … Continued