Version 1.8

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The next version will be amazing, and the terrain gen is identical — we’ll be on this map for a long time, go ahead and plan big!

Rock out with your clock out

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Now that Jumpto weekend is going to be a regular thing, we’ve got tools to make it more awesome. Regular clocks won’t work, but there’s a chest in Spawn containing “special” clocks — JumpClocks. Use these to right click where … Continued

All kinds of little upgrades

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The social networking thingy should be almost usable* now, the dynmap is tentatively back online, some new pages have been added to the site and the navigation is undergoing a bit of a re-working.   *by “almost” I mean, it’s … Continued

New Recipes!

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UPDATE: By popular demand, I’ve loosened up considerably on these, and re-created the screenshots in default as was suggested. Multiple recipes did yield the appropriate amounts in testing, but the transaction may not give you the same feedback. Check your … Continued

No Dice

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Edit 2: Server’s back up and everything should be working okay. Dot and Squid are looking into what happened and how to prevent it in the future! Thanks for your patience! We’re currently experiencing some technical difficulties. I tried to … Continued