It’s Vanilla! What do we do?

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This is a different sort of vanilla, and we’ve got some new tools and abilities to ease the pain of playing without plugins. You can have area protections and chest protections, and anyone who’s opped (and that’s all of the … Continued

Patience is a Virtue

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So we have a snapshot server, a blank new map running at So put on your snapshot and come play with all the NEW THINGS! I’ll list the new things as soon as I finish playing with them.

fixes & optimizations & stuff like that

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On the website front, I’ve disabled most of the social networky thingy and left the forums, which I’m now working on getting the navigation to make sense again, if it ever did. WordPress upgraded itself and I finally made a … Continued

Still Alive!

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/catchy tune. What can we say, it’s been a long time since we last spoke. We’re sorry, how have you been? No, seriously, tell us about it. We’d love to hear from all of you again! Lately we’ve noticed the … Continued

Vanillaport & 1.8

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First, we don’t know when 1.8 is due to hit and we don’t think it’s going to be right away, BUT, we are getting ready anyway. The current plan is to update as soon as it happens, and go vanilla. … Continued

1.8 recipes available in 1.7x!

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As you may have heard, 1.8 will bring vanilla crafting recipes for mossy stone brick, mossy cobble, and chiselled stone — but why wait? We already had these recipes, I’ve just added Mojang’s version (substantially cheaper, like by a really … Continued

Version 1.8

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The next version will be amazing, and the terrain gen is identical — we’ll be on this map for a long time, go ahead and plan big!