The Shop is Open

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This information is available on the Playing Vanilla page, and will be kept updated there. We’re adding more items as I type this, and open to discussion on different things we might sell. Enjoy!


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We’re going to add everyone that’s played up until the moment we go whitelist, which should be some time today, August 14th. So if you’ve been on, you’re in, but be on notice that we’re fed up with the thefts … Continued

Mitigating the crashiness

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We’re hardy pioneers who bravely play on the bleeding edge of things, and we expect a little crashiness from time to time, but not like this. While we research what will almost certainly fix itself in the next snapshot, we’ve … Continued

It’s not REALLY dangerous, you know

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OK, there was a rough week there but this latest snapshot, 30c, is VASTLY improved. Any of you that were having trouble should get on back here and check it out, it’s worth seeing. Mojang is really knocking it out … Continued

It’s Vanilla! What do we do?

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This is a different sort of vanilla, and we’ve got some new tools and abilities to ease the pain of playing without plugins. You can have area protections and chest protections, and anyone who’s opped (and that’s all of the … Continued

Patience is a Virtue

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So we have a snapshot server, a blank new map running at So put on your snapshot and come play with all the NEW THINGS! I’ll list the new things as soon as I finish playing with them.

fixes & optimizations & stuff like that

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On the website front, I’ve disabled most of the social networky thingy and left the forums, which I’m now working on getting the navigation to make sense again, if it ever did. WordPress upgraded itself and I finally made a … Continued